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    • A new kind of sensing technology – optical fiber sensor based on modal interference 

      Cai, Lu; Zhao, Yong (БНТУ, 2015)
      With the development of automation and intelligentize, sensor technology has been paid more and more attention to by scientific and technical researchers all over the world. In the numerous kinds of sensors, the optical fiber sensing technology represents the development trend of the new generation of the sensor and becomes one of the most developing hightech industries due to ...
    • An analysis of the methods for translating chinese jokes in russian 

      Xu, Shasha; Zhang, Jinzhong (БНТУ, 2015)
      The paper aims to analyze the methods for translating Chinese jokes in Russian. By the means of conversion,addition,reduction,synthesization,devision and some other translating methods which are constituted by literal translation and liberal translation,it directs to bring humorous color that it expressed by Chinese jokes to Russion readers,in order to have them understand Chinese ...
    • Delay analysis of a modified cumulative ARQ 

      Liu, Mei (БНТУ, 2015)
      For the wireless channel characteristics, this paper modifies the cumulative ARQ in order to improve the performance of the traditional cumulative ARQ. We put in sequence confirmed feedback to satisfy the demands of the new generation cellular mobile communication. An analysis model is developed for parameter manipulation in the proposed framework. Finally, the simulation results ...
    • Dynamic reliability analysis on transmission system of shearer 

      Di, Zhou; Xufang, Zhang; Yimin, Zhang (БНТУ, 2015)
      Mining industry plays an increasingly important role in industrial development of China. The transmission system of shearer loader can be considered as a dynamic model with variable motion, time-varied mesh stiffness and nonlinear backlash. The vibration responses or contact stress should be investigated for safety production in the condition of variable speed and heavy load. ...
    • Entity resolution approaches for data quality 

      Chenchen, Sun; Derong, Shen (БНТУ, 2015)
      Entity resolution is a key aspect of data quality, identifying which records correspond to the same real world entity in data sources. Entity resolution is a hot topic in both research communities and industries. We introduce three approaches to solve different aspects of entity resolution. The first approach learns entity resolution classifiers with genetic algorithm and active ...
    • "One Belt One Road" strategy to promote social development 

      Ван, Юй (БНТУ, 2015)
      "One Belt One Road" is the cooperation and development of ideas and initiatives, is to rely on China and the countries concerned both bilateral and multilateral mechanisms, and actively develop partnerships with countries along economic, work together to build political mutual trust, economic integration, culturally inclusive community of interests the fate of the community and ...
    • Review of complex network theory based researches on public transit system network 

      Xinyu, Huang; Dongming, Chen; Tao, Ren; Dongqi, Wang (БНТУ, 2015)
      With the development of city, all kinds of vehicles, especially private cars which are dramatically increased, traffic problems become more and more serious than ever before. In recent years, all kinds of efforts has been made to reveal the structure features of public transit system. Some basic structure features in transit network, for example, the analysis of statistic ...
    • Safe water-supply systems 

      Shtepa, V. N.; Goncharov, F. I.; Kot, R. Y. (БНТУ, 2015)
      The Water-Supply Systems to function effectively for many years. On the basis of the technology implemented schemes wastewater household and industrial facilities with the software reuse effluents in the manufacturing processes.
    • Solutions of food polysaccharide blends for edible films production 

      Huo, Po; Tatsiana, Savitskaya; Dzmitry, Hrynshpan; Lizaveta, Gotina; Kaleynik, Anastasia; Hu, Xuchang; Zeng, Weixin (БНТУ, 2015)
      The study of the rheological properties of aqueous solutions of starch blends with sodium alginate and agar-agar as well as the physico-mechanical properties of bicomponent films on their basis has been carried out. The extreme behavior of polymer blends with low content of one of the polymers is described in terms of mutual solubility or thermodynamic compatibility. There is a ...
    • Study on structure and magnetocaloric effect of mncogefenisi composites magnetic refrigeration material 

      Wu, Wenbin (БНТУ, 2015)
      Mn16Fe16CoxNi34-xGe7Si27(x=1,3,6,7.5,9)series alloy were prepared by vacuum arc melting technology under the protection of argon flow and structure and magnetocaloric effects of MnCoGe-FeNiSi composite material was investigated . Using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) method, structure and magnetocaloric effects of the alloys were analyzed, respectively. ...
    • Study on the economic relationships between China and The Republic of Belarus under the strategy of “The Belt and Road Initiatives” 

      Wang, Mengmeng (БНТУ, 2015)
      “The Belt and Road Initiatives” is a critical part of the new normal state of the Chinese economy. It involves four continents, concerning power relations, peripheral diplomacy and the developing countries, as well as many other important facets, among which Belarus is one of the most important partners of China in Eurasia. The trade cooperation between China and Belarus has been ...
    • The Application and Translation with Russia of the Chinese verb Complement Structure 

      Deng, Kun (БНТУ, 2015)
      The Chinese language is profound. Due to the verb complement structure in modern Chinese has particularity in the structure, the structural diversity and the complexity of semantic complement, it has the highly attention in the world of the teaching Chinese as a foreign language and grammar teaching. The verb complement structure is one of the importance and difficulty for the ...
    • The construction of L-lactic acid over-producing genetic engineering strain 

      Chao, Yu (БНТУ, 2015)
      Object of study: Lactococus lactis; L-Lactic acid; plasmid PK18mob; plasmid PNZ8150 Mission: Construct the genetic engineering strain- Lactococus lactis to get the high-efficiency, high purity and low-cost production of L-lactate. Knockout gene D-lactate dehydrogenase (ldhA) in genome of Lactococus lactis, with suicide vector PK18mob, with the method of homologous recombination. ...
    • The cultivation of intercultural communicative competence in russian interpret 

      Bao, Ying (БНТУ, 2015)
      Interpret is a kind of intercultural communication under the instant case. There are many variables, which influence the success of intercultural communication, including both the objective factors and the subjective factors of interpreter. As an interpreter, it is inevitable to meet all kinds of barriers and conflicts during interpret. So the intercultural ability of interpreter ...
    • Transformation of chinese retail industry: how to meet the new challenges by electronic business? 

      Liu, Xinyang; Li, Kai (БНТУ, 2015)
      The past few decades witnessed the rise and expansion of electronic business (EB). An increasing number of companies are dealing with electronic commerce many of whom are well-known nationwide or worldwide leaders such as the Alibaba Group or JD.COM. On one day, 11th of November of 2014, the trading volume of Taobao reached 6 million RMB. The unprecedented development of EB has ...
    • Автоматизация процесса ресурсопользования: особенности повышения эффективности 

      Климук, В. В. (БНТУ, 2015)
      The problem of efficient use of material resources in the industry. The system of automatic monitoring of the use of material resources on the basis of new indicators and to develop a mechanism of performance management of material resources.
    • Анализ динамики инвестиционных вложений Китая в создание сети национальных скоростных автомагистралей 

      Бань, Цинхуа (БНТУ, 2015)
      Researches are devoted to the analysis of dynamics of investment investments of China in creation of a network of national high-speed highways. It is noted that for the next years decrease in investments, especially in the central part of China is characteristic. For the western provinces where a dense population, investments were reduced slightly.
    • Анализ и исследование обучения письму на китайском языке как иностранном с использованием интернет-технологий 

      Ли, Чжицзе (БНТУ, 2015)
      This paper combines the process writing approach and internet technology, and creates a novel writing mode of TCSL. The internet is used as an exchange platform between students and teachers, and it enables the teacher to help students individually in pre-writing, drafts, evaluation-feedback, revision, finalization. The new teaching mode can make students more self-motive, inspire ...
    • Анализ инновационных технологий устройства шероховатых поверхностей 

      Лю, Цзян (БНТУ, 2015)
      In work innovative technologies of the device of rough surfaces as on asphalt-, and the cement-concrete coverings are considered. It is given technological and economic aspects of the device of rough surfaces both on new coverings, and at their repair.
    • Анализ ошибок китайских квантификаторов, используемых студентами с родным языком 

      Fan, Di (БНТУ, 2015)
      Measure words is one of the important parts of speech in Chinese, not only the number is large, but also has a long history. Both English and Chinese language in the use of the quantifier, the collocation of nouns and quantifier rules have big difference. Native speakers make more errors in quantifiers while learning Chinese. Based on the inter language corpus to master a large ...