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  • Damping of a Solution of Linear Autonomous Difference–Differential Systems with Many Delays Using Feedback 

    Metel’skii, A. V.; Urbanb, O. I.; Khartovskii, V. E. (2015)
    For linear autonomous difference–differential systems with commensurable delays, the problem of damping the solution by using a linear difference–differential controller with a state feed-back is solved. A generalization of these results to linear autonomous difference–differential systems of neutral type with commensurable delays in the case of a continuous solution is proposed. ...
  • Erratum to: Thermo‑optic coefficients of Nd‑doped anisotropic KGd(WO4)2, YVO4 and GdVO4 laser crystals 

    Loiko, P. A.; Yumashev, K. V.; Kuleshov, N. V.; Pavlyuk, A. A. (2016)
    Erratum to: Thermo‑optic coefficients of Nd‑doped anisotropic KGd(WO4)2, YVO4 and GdVO4 laser crystals / P. A. Loiko, K. V. Yumashev, N. V. Kuleshov, A. A. Pavlyuk // Applied Physics B. – 2016. – Vol. 129. – Article ID 301703338. – Doi: 10.1007/s00340-016-6394-z.
  • Acoustic Response to the Action of Nanosecond Laser Pulses on an In/CdTe Thin-Film Heterostructure 

    Vlasenko, A. I.; Veleshchuk, V. P.; Gnatyuk, V. A.; Levitskii, S. N.; Vlasenko, Z. K.; Ivlev, G. D.; Gatskevich, E. I. (2015)
    The photothermoacoustic method has been used for diagnostics of thermobarodynamic processes in the metal In(400 nm)/semiconductor (CdTe) thin-film system under nanosecond laser irradiation (7 ns, λ = 532 nm) in natural conditions (in air) and in a liquid medium (water). From the analysis of the data obtained, the dependence of the pressure induced in the energy-release region on ...
  • Luminescence of oxyfluoride glasses containing YB3+–RE3+ ions 

    Loiko, P. A.; Rachkovskaya, G. E.; Zakharevich, G. B.; Skoptsov, N. A.; Yumashev, K. V. (2016)
    The optical absorption and up-conversion luminescence of oxyfluoride glasses in the system SiO2–PbO–PbF2–CdF2 coactivated by Yb3+–RE3+ ions (where RE = Er, Tm, Ho, Dy, Pr, or Tb) are investigated. Excitation with a laser diode in the IR range (960 nm) gives intense green, blue, and red luminescence. The color characteristics of the up-conversion luminescence in the CIE 1931 system ...
  • Laser Performance of Er,Yb:YAl3(BO3)4 Crystals with Different Erbium Concentrations 

    Gorbachenya, K. N.; Kisel, V. E.; Yasukevich, A. S.; Maltsev, V. V.; Leonyuk, N. I.; Kuleshov, N. V. (2014)
    The effect of erbium concentration on the laser performance of Er,Yb:YAl3(BO3)4 crystals was investigated. A maximal output power of 1.6 W in CW and 2.7 W in QCW regimes was obtained at 1522 nm

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