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    • Advanced training and retraining of personnel at the enterprise 

      Золотова, K. В. (БНТУ, 2020)
      This article is devoted to the issues of training and retraining of personnel at the enterprise. Potential benefits and shortcomings of retraining of personnel are marked out. The main directions of retraining of personnel as key capacity of the enterprise and also various aspects of expansion of retraining of personnel as one of the main tools of an unstable situation in the ...
    • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of IT sphere 

      Сальникова, A. В. (БНТУ, 2020)
      This article is devoted to the state of IT services at the modern market. The special attention is paid to the impact of strategic planning on a company. The strengths and weaknesses of the IT company have been analyzed. The author gives some recommendations on how to improve and develop this strategy.
    • External and internal environment of the organization 

      Мицкевич, A. А. (БНТУ, 2020)
      The environment of the organization is a combination of business entities, their relationships, infrastructure links and the conditions of their activities. The study of the environment is an extremely important process for any organization, because it can have a direct impact on various areas of the organization and its behavior in general.
    • Futures and options as instruments of hedging risks 

      Островская, Д. С. (БНТУ, 2020)
      In the modern world, for the effective functioning of any company in markets of currencies, equities, bonds and commodities, a comprehensive business analysis is necessary. One of the stages of this analysis is the prediction of risks and potential ways to overcome them through hedging tools - futures and options.
    • Green marketing in moderm business 

      Бондарчук, E. С. (БНТУ, 2020)
      The article is dedicated to the description of the green marketing and popular eco-trends, the reason for its existence and the impact on the methods of leading business.
    • Marketing policy in conditions of universal isolation or "insulating marketing" 

      Юрьев, Г. Я. (БНТУ, 2020)
      This article deals with the current issue of organization management and promotion of goods in conditions of general isolation with the help of tools of the complex "insulation marketing." The main problems of application, peculiarities of implementation, as well as the new concept of "insulation marketing" (as part of the complex of "anti-crisis marketing") have been studied, ...
    • Modern methods of promoting beauty-industry services on the internet 

      Бодрилова, O. A. (БНТУ, 2020)
      In the last few years, significant changes have taken place in the sphere of production and services. The technological process has brought the cosmetic industry to a new level. Modern technologies allow us to quickly and easily receive goods. Innovative changes have affected all kinds of sites on the Internet, which has helped various companies to reach a new level. However, the ...
    • Online reputation management: theoretical bases and methodological approaches 

      Шилович, У. В. (БНТУ, 2020)
      The actual issue of Online Reputation Management (ORM) is considered in this article, it defines ORM, explores its main tools for ORM and implementation features, identifies the main stages of ORM, and demonstrates the importance of this process for successful company operations.
    • Problems of using outplacement in Belarus 

      Орлова, А. A. (БНТУ, 2020)
      This article discusses the problems of outplacement in the Republic of Belarus and ways to solve them.
    • Risks in marketing activities 

      Чернышова, А. A. (БНТУ, 2020)
      This article discusses the risks of marketing activities. During the development of the article, the main causes of the occurrence of marketing risks, types of risks in marketing activities and their features were identified. The features of risk management in the marketing system were also considered. Based on the studies, it was concluded that the necessary measures should be ...
    • The perspectives of out-of-home advertising development - digital billboard advertising 

      Ивашина, E. И. (БНТУ, 2020)
      The outdoor advertising business is developing at a high speed due to the main function of advertising - the achievement of the main goals of marketing communications. This article will consider one of the newest types of advertising - advertising on digital billboards.