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  • Validation of an Assistance System for Merging Maneuvers in Highways in Real Driving Conditions 

    Sanchez-Mateo, S.; Perez-Moreno, E.; Jimenez, F.; Serradilla, F.; Cruz Ruiz, A.; de la Fuente Tamayo, S. (БНТУ, 2019)
    In the latest study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2018, it was published that human error is still considered the major factor in traffic accidents, 94 %, compared with other causes such as vehicles, environment and unknown critical reasons. Some driving scenarios are especially complex, such as highways merging lanes, where the driver obtains ...
  • Signal Pre-Selection for Monitoring and Prediction of Vehicle Powertrain Component Aging 

    Udo Sass, A.; Esatbeyoglu, E.; Iwwerks, T. (БНТУ, 2019)
    Predictive maintenance has become important for avoiding unplanned downtime of modern vehicles. With increasing functionality the exchanged data between Electronic Control Units (ECU) grows simultaneously rapidly. A large number of in-vehicle signals are provided for monitoring an aging process. Various components of a vehicle age due to their usage. This component aging is only ...
  • Increasing the Quality of Transient Processes in the Vehicle Transmission 

    Taratorkin, A.; Derzhankii, V.; Taratorkin, I. (БНТУ, 2019)
    The paper shows results of an experimental and theoretical study of dynamic processes in the vehicle transmission after kinematic alignment of elements during gearshifts. The purpose of the research is increasing the quality of transient processes in the vehicle transmission. Applying an analysis of experimental results obtained through looking into dynamics of a 3-ton vehicle ...
  • The Analysis of Available Data on Energy Efficiency of Electric Vehicles to be Used for Eco-Driving Project Development 

    Maljkovic, M.; Stamenkovic, D.; Blagojevic, I.; Popovic, V. (БНТУ, 2019)
    The goal of this paper is to analyse the collected data on energy efficiency of electric vehicles from researches done by other authors and also to summarise all the factors affecting it. The majority of data available are obtained through simulations – therefore the emphasis in this paper will be placed on experimentally acquired data. The results of the analysis will be used ...
  • A Two-Echelon Green Supply Chain for Urban Delivery 

    Rossolov, A.; Lobashov, O.; Kopytkov, D.; Botsman, A.; Lyfenko, S. (БНТУ, 2019)
    In recent years the urbanization to affect many countries of the world has made the significant changes to the material flow at all levels of the supply chain. The last mile logistics operating in the urban area has also changed notably. An increase in the volume of material flow within cities has led to a growth in the number of deliveries and the freight turnover, accordingly. ...
  • Analysis of Trams’ Consumption Depending on the Type of Traffic Light Used 

    Czerepicki, A.; Gorka, A.; Szustek, J. (БНТУ, 2019)
    In the XXI century, when environmental awareness is growing and the impact of human activity on the planet is more and more noticeable, striving to minimize energy consumption seems to be a necessary direction in the development of technology. This development cannot take place without an initial understanding and describing the relationships influencing specific technologies. ...
  • Analysis of the State of the Road Traffic Safety in the Republic of Kazakhstan 

    Ibrayev, K.; Ibrayev, А.; Kapskiy, D.; Kot, Y.; Rybinskiy, А.; Bogdanovich, S. (БНТУ, 2019)
    The article presents the results of the study of the road traffic safety on the automobile roads of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We performed the analysis of the main indicators, specifying the state of the road traffic safety on the automobile roads of the republican significance of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In many regulatory acts, such as “The Priority Action Plan for Improving ...
  • Skills and Training Requirements for the Future Transportation Sector of Europe 

    Bekiaris, E.; Loukea, M. (БНТУ, 2019)
    More than 10 million people are directly employed by the transport industry in Europe, accounting for 4.5 % of total employment and representing 4.6 % of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This fact, combined with the rapid developments and changes of the sector, makes imperative the need to create, attract and retain appropriate staff. As the overall trend is to increase automation, ...
  • Contactless Automated Express Evaluation of Damages to a Car Body by Visual Parameters 

    Tarasovа, M.; Filkin, N.; Yurtikov, R. (БНТУ, 2019)
    Explosive development of computer technologies and their availability made it possible to extensively focus nowadays on emerging state-of-the-art technologies, digitalization, artificial intelligence, and automated systems, including in the field of road safety. It would be reasonable to implement some technical devices in this respect to remove human factor and automate some ...
  • Electric Propulsion Systems Design Supported by Multi-Objective Optimization Strategies 

    Hirz, M.; Hofstetter, M.; Lechleitner, D. (БНТУ, 2019)
    Electric drive systems consisting of battery, inverter, electric motor and gearbox are applied in hybrid- or purely electric vehicles. The layout process of such propulsion systems is performed on system level under consideration of various component properties and their interfering characteristics. In addition, different boundary conditions are taken under account, e. g. ...
  • Design Features when Using an Effective Microturbine as a Range Extending Engine 

    Nadareishvili, G.; Kostyukov, A.; Karpukhin, K. (БНТУ, 2019)
    The rapid development of electric vehicles stimulates the development of structures related to their operation. Including the use of the range extending engine for electric vehicles. The use of gas turbine engines for vehicles has always been of interest. The microturbine in the range extending engine is relevant today. However, the possibility of using a microturbine as part of ...
  • Thermal Measurement and its Application for Diagnostics of Distribution Oil Transformers 

    Korenciak, D.; Sebok, M.; Gutten, M. (БНТУ, 2019)
    In the first part of the paper the theory of infrared radiation and the use of non-destructive measurement of electrical devices by means of thermovision are under analysis. In the second part of paper basic principles and application of non-contact temperature measurement are examined. In the third part of paper thermal processes in distribution oil transformer – temperature in ...
  • Эффективность использования газового топлива и окислительной смеси при их увлажнении 

    Сорока, Б. С.; Воробьев, Н. В. (БНТУ, 2019)
    Проведена оценка влияния увлажнения компонентов горения (воздуха-окислителя и в отдельных случаях – горючего) на энергетическую эффективность использования различных видов топлива, в том числе в условиях замещения природного газа альтернативны-ми газовыми топливами – коксодоменной и природно-доменной смесями. Выполнены расчеты экономии топлива для замещения природного газа (NG) ...
  • Formation Mechanisms and Methods for Calculating Pollutant Emissions from Natural Gas Combustion Depending on the Burner Emission Class 

    Yarmolchick, Yu. Р. (БНТУ, 2019)
    The combustion of hydrocarbon fuels in the chambers of heat generating plants is one of the main sources of pollutant emissions. Environmental standards and rules that limit emissions are becoming more stringent and their implementation requires the introduction of advanced technologies and equipment. The main device in combustion systems are blow burners, the design of which ...
  • Математические модели и алгоритмы оптимального управления нагрузкой электропотребителей 

    Рахмонов, И. У.; Реймов, К. М. (БНТУ, 2019)
    Один из основных путей обеспечения экономичных режимов работы энергосистем при краткосрочном планировании – выравнивание графиков нагрузок посредством оптимального управления электропотреблением. Выравнивание графиков нагрузок с целью снижения расходов можно осуществить привлечением потребителей на основе административных и экономических мер. Административные меры связаны с ...
  • Совершенствование методики расчета установившихся режимов городских электрических сетей с учетом потребительских энергоисточников 

    Фурсанов, М. И.; Золотой, А. А. (БНТУ, 2019)
    Предложена методика расчета установившегося режима разомкнутой городской распределительной электрической сети с источниками малой генерации. Показано, что городская электрическая сеть состоит из пассивных и активных физических элементов. К пассивным относятся силовые трансформаторы и линейные регуляторы, воздушные и кабельные линии электропередачи, токоограничивающие реакторы и ...
  • Heat Resistance and Heat-and-Mass Transfer in Road Pavements 

    Khroustalev, B. M.; Tingguo, Liu; Akeliev, V. D.; Zhongyu, Li; Aliakseyeu, Yu. H.; Zankаvich, V. V. (БНТУ, 2019)
    The paper presents a fragment of ongoing investigations directed on creation of optimal information environment that ensures an access to the R&D publications from the known scientific journals and other scientific serials which are necessary for qualitative execution of scientific and technological activities on priority areas in highway engineering. A citation analysis has been ...
  • Анализ крутильной стабильности расщепленных фаз 

    Сергей, И. И.; Пономаренко, Е. Г.; Потачиц, Я. В.; Юдина, Н. А. (БНТУ, 2019)
    Специфика работы воздушных линий электропередачи связана с тем, что длина проводников между опорными конструкциями может достигать десятков тысяч метров. Провода и их компоненты подвергаются воздействию климатических факторов: ветра, дождя, льда, снега. По сравнению с другими конструктивными элементами проводники имеют самую высокую гибкость и низкую жесткость, потому являются ...
  • Оптимизация процесса очистки сточных вод постов мойки автотракторной техники по энергетическим затратам 

    Крутов, А. В.; Дечко, М. М.; Бойко, М. А. (БНТУ, 2019)
    Рассмотрен процесс очистки нефтесодержащих стоков с применением электрокоагуляции, электрофлотации и электромагнитного гидроциклона, реализованный на лабораторной установке (патент Республики Беларусь на изобретение № 21229). Исследования проводились с целью оптимизации удельных энергозатрат процесса очистки стоков от топливно-смазочных веществ. Методами исследования являлись ...
  • Влияние частоты нагружения на усталость конструкционных материалов 

    Мыльников, В. В. (БНТУ, 2019)
    Выполнены испытания на усталость конструкционных сталей и титанового сплава при различных частотах циклического нагружения, в результате которых выявлены закономерности изменения показателей сопротивления усталости и стабильности поведения испытанных материалов. Изменение частоты циклического нагружения влияет на продолжительность разового (в течение одного цикла) пребывания ...