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    • 21 世纪海上丝绸之路”建设面临的挑战与对策 

      Ge, Chengrong (БНТУ, 2022)
      In the 21st century, the change of the international marine strategic situation provides both opportunities and challenges for China's strategy of building a powerful marine country. Against this background, China has implemented the strategy of the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”. Focuses on the analysis of the achievements and challenges of China's “21st Century Maritime Silk ...
    • 3D моделирование технологии затылования дисковых зуборезных фрез 

      Ажар, А. В.; Дулуб, А. Д.; Кустов, С. В.; Минасян, Г. О. (БНТУ, 2022)
      3D modeling was carried out to determine the optimal diameters of grinding wheels for backing the back surface of the tooth of a disk gear cutter with a module m = 1...16 mm. A linear relationship has been established between the height of the tooth, the angle of the flute of the cutter and the diameter of the grinding wheel. It has been proven that the formation of a “saddle” ...
    • 3D печать альгинатным гелем с гидроксиапатитом 

      Лазнев, К. В.; Авдеева, Е. В.; Матиевский, К. А.; Мусская, О. Н.; Крутько, В. К. (БНТУ, 2022)
      For regenerative medicine, a paste for 3D printing of tissue-engineered frames based on sodium alginate and hydroxyapatite has been obtained, which combines the advantages of both materials. The optimal content of hydroxyapatite in a paste based on alginate gel is 25–33 %. With an increase in the concentration of alginate in the gel from 3 % to 5 %, the rheological properties of ...
    • A method for clustering rock discontinuities with multiple properties based on an improved netting algorithm 

      Hou, Qinkuan (БНТУ, 2022)
      Clustering analysis is fundamental for determining dominant discontinuity properties in rock engineering. This study proposes an improved netting algorithm for identifying discontinuity sets based on multiple discontinuity properties. The new method is believed to be a potentially useful tool for rapidly obtaining dominant discontinuity sets in rock engineering.
    • An automatic catchment and root irrigation device for desert trees 

      Lai, Qinghao; Yang, Zeying; Wu, Xinyang (БНТУ, 2022)
      Now, there are 36 million km2 of deserts on the planet, a quarter of the land area, and expanding by 60,000 km2 per year. To combat climate change and achieve the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, China is engaged in afforestation. However, water scarcity, strong winds and shortcomings of current irrigation methods make afforestation a major challenge. Based on the ...
    • BIM 技术与可持续发展的融合-绿色建筑 

      Li, Rui (БНТУ, 2022)
      Green building is one of the important contents of sustainable development, and the research and application of BIM technology plays an important role in realizing the life cycle of green building, this paper analyzes the integration of BIM technology and sustainable development – green building and explores the significance of BIM technology to the sustainable development of ...
    • BIM 技术在建筑项目管理施工阶段中的运用探究 

      Liang, Chengye (БНТУ, 2022)
      BIM in the construction phase of the project information can be parameterized to ensure that the construction of the project data and information to achieve automated statistical analysis, BIM application in the construction phase, including technical disclosure, site layout, engineering calculation and so on to improve the construction project management quality and efficiency ...
    • Calculation of a reinforced concrete construction with finite element modeling located in soil 

      Medvedev, L. U. (БНТУ, 2022)
      In this article there is a completed description of a calculation of a reinforced concrete construction with finite element modeling located in soil. The calculation was carried out on an electronic computer complex using software. Physical and mechanical properties of soil and reinforced concrete construction were taken into account.
    • Design and implementation of an intelligent circuit analyzer 

      Li, Guanguan; Zhou, Luxing (БНТУ, 2022)
      This paper designs a smart socket based on microcontroller and WIFI module. The socket can measure the voltage information and grounding of the connected circuit, display the measurement results and voice broadcast, and the user can also view the measurement results in real time through the cell phone APP, and design a transparent waterproof box for it to enhance its waterproof ...
    • Ecological importance of trichoderma spp. And their secondary metabolites for organic farming 

      Kharitonchik, A.; Russkikh, I. (БНТУ, 2022)
      The development of organic farming around the world and in Belarus in the last 10–15 years has shown the importance of studying and introducing biological methods for combating plant diseases. For this, studies of various microorganisms are carried out throughout the world, which can become the basis for modern plant protection products that do not damage the environment and human ...
    • Effect of IPA volume fraction on preferred orientation of zno nanowires grown by CBD method and mechanism 

      Zhu, Jinze; Feng, Yiming; Ning, Zhixuan; Liu, Hanxiao (БНТУ, 2022)
      ZnO nanowires with semi-polar and non-polar orientations are fabricated on Si (100) substrates by low temperature chemical solution deposition. This distinctive growth is achieved by a co-effect of the seed layer templates and CBD solution. The growth mechanism is illustrated in detail and these semi-polar and non-polar ZnO/Si heterostructures show an excellent unidirectional ...
    • Enzyme farming – bringing green and safety to farmland 

      Sun, PengShu; Wang, Qin; Wang, Yading; Zhao, Zixiang; Wang, Yuan (БНТУ, 2022)
      Garbage enzymes rationally using of waste from fruits and vegetables are rich in nutritionally active substances and microbial groups and positively affect the growth of agricultural crops. In this project, by studying the effect of different classes of garbage enzymes on plant growth at different concentrations, and study on molecular biological mechanism will provide sufficient ...
    • Extraction of valuable lanthanum, zirconium and lithium elements from solid electrolyte LI7LA3ZR2O12 (LLZO) 

      Bolun, Wang; Xianqian, Sang; Xin, Qu; Hongwei, Xie; Huayi, Yin (БНТУ, 2022)
      Valuable elements in lithium-ion batteries is a very significant secondary resource. Based on the recovery and recycling of the spent all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries in the future, we explore extracting valuable lanthanum, zirconium, and lithium elements from the solid electrolyte tetragonal phase LLZO by the leaching with the dilute sulfuric, and then by precipitation ...
    • Human physical activity recognition system 

      Zhao, Di; Tang, Yi (БНТУ, 2022)
      Human activity recognition (HAR) is a technique that somehow senses the human activities, analyzes the relevant information, and identifies the corresponding behaviors mode. This text introduces a kind of human physical activity recognition system based on frequency features.
    • Innovative method for quality and safety control of alcoholic beverages 

      Sabalenka, L. N.; Furmanova, K. V.; Yushkevitch, D. V. (БНТУ, 2022)
      A gas chromatography flame ionization detector (GC-FID) method based on the use of ethanol as an internal standard was developed and compared with the official Chinese method for the determination of methanol in various alcoholic beverages. Both official and developed methods were approbated for the analysis of wide range of alcoholic beverage samples with ethanol concentrations ...
    • Magnesium-assisted cisplatin inhibits bladder cancer cell survival by modulating Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway 

      Tang, Zihan; Zhu, Xiaojin (БНТУ, 2022)
      Magnesium plays a role in the activation of various transporters and enzymes. The present study aimed to investigate the possibility of applying magnesium to enhance the eficacy of cisplatin which is still ranked as one of the major chemotherapeutic drugs for bladder cancer patients. Our indings reveal that magnesium could contribute to cisplatin-based chemotherapy bymoderately ...
    • Modulation of IncRNA H19 enhances resveratrol‐inhibited cancer cell proliferation and migration by regulating endoplasmic reticulum stress 

      Zhang, Xinyue; Zhou, Kunpeng; Li, Yanlin (БНТУ, 2022)
      The phytoalexin resveratrol exhibits anti-tumour activity in many types of cancer. In this study, we showed that resveratrol suppressed the survival of gastric tumour cells both in vivo and in vitro. Resveratrol promoted apoptosis, autophagy and endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress in a dosedependent manner. In conclusion, resveratrol inhibited cancer cell survival, while knockdown ...
    • Review of ferrite radar absorbing metamaterials 

      Xinran, Yu (БНТУ, 2022)
      Ferrite absorbing metamaterials designed with metamaterial structures can effectively broaden the absorption bandwidth of electromagnetic waves. The current mainstream approach is to compound ferrite with other materials to produce ferrite absorbing metamaterials with better performance.
    • The electrical insulation strength of anodic Al2O3 coatings with vias for power multichip modules 

      Shimanovich, D. L. (БНТУ, 2022)
      The technological methods and regimes to improve the electrical insulation strength of anodic Al2O3 in vias of double-sided alumina bases for potential use in power multichip modules were discussed. It was shown that after using of the appropriate technological approaches the breakdown voltages of the obtained test samples were up to ~6 kV on working surfaces without holes and ...
    • The operational efficiency of China's economic energy sector from the perspective of marginal analysis 

      Huang, Yiyan (БНТУ, 2022)
      The article presents the trends in the development of China's energy construction and analyzes the reasons for significant technological advances in this field of activity. Based on marginal analysis, the efficiency and sustainability of the functioning of China's energy field is shown.