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    • A survey of the research on the human capital ecosystem of the belt and road initiative 

      Chang, Hui (БНТУ, 2021)
      The Belt and Road Initiative has emerged as a highly utilized theme through which scholars have done a wealth of research in the economy, trade, and politics. This research reviewed 268 articles in the BRI value and the human capital fields over the last five years. Several research gaps and promising areas for inquiry are put forward.
    • Application of composting technology in gardening 

      Chen, Jingke (БНТУ, 2021)
      Ecological and sustainable are the principles that should be followed in gardening. We can use waste materials to make compost, thereby avoiding or reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.
    • Chinese experience used for forming the knowledge economy in the Republic of Belarus 

      Кузьмич, А. В. (БНТУ, 2021)
      Since the end of the 90s of the last century, the term “knowledge economy” became widespread in Western and national science. The transition of the world economy to a new qualitative state is directly connected to the increasing of the importance of theoretical knowledge, strengthening the role of high-tech industries, the process of increasing the share of services in the economy, ...
    • Comprehensive approach to the worldview and development of students through thorough mastery of a foreign language 

      Anvarov, Alijon Uktamovich; Akramjonova, Nargiza (БНТУ, 2021)
      This article presents examples and suggestions for the integration of foreign language science taught in medical universities, along with interdisciplinary connections, which will help medical students in the future to become mature and comprehensively educated. Integrating the disciplines, it opens up a wide path for students to understand the meaning of terms widely used in ...
    • Digital economy - trans-epoch development 

      Zhang, Zhengyi (БНТУ, 2021)
      In recent years, with the rapid development, accelerated maturity and commercial transformation of emerging digital technologies represented by cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, etc., the digital economy has become the most innovative and fastest growing in economic development. The most influential industry sector.
    • Ecological importance of trichoderma SPP. and their secondary metabolites for organic farming 

      Kharitonchik, Anna (БНТУ, 2021)
      The development of organic farming around the world and in Belarus in the last 10–15 years has shown the importance of studying and introducing biological methods for combating plant diseases. For this, studies of various microorganisms are carried out throughout the world, which can become the basis for modern plant protection products that do not damage the environment and human ...
    • Poverty as one of the most actual problems of economic and social development 

      Пищало, Т. Ф. (БНТУ, 2021)
      Poverty is the state of not having enough material possessions or income for a person’s basic needs. Poverty influences all the spheres of life.
    • Smart cities empower high-quality growth in digital economy 

      Li, Rong (БНТУ, 2021)
      Technology is the key to unlocking human growth. Looking at the history of human economic growth over 200 years, from the steam engine to the invention of electricity to today's information technology, every major general technological change has brought about the re-optimization of resource allocation and continued economic prosperity. At present, the world is opening a new ...
    • The application of AI in education 

      Liu, Haoyu (БНТУ, 2021)
      Artificial intelligence which is known as AI, is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. AI is widely used in many vertical fields such as medical and health, finance, education, security, business and smart home. The text focuses on the current development of Chinese enterprises in AI education field.
    • The development of digital trade during the COVID-19 

      Yu, Ziqing (БНТУ, 2021)
      On November 1, 2021, China officially applied to join DEPA ( Digital Economy Partnership Agreement), It will help China strengthen digital trade cooperation under the new development trend during the COVID-19.This paper analyze new developments in digital trade during the pandemic to offset the negative impact of the pandemic on trade.
    • The meaning of improving swimming techniques 

      Yi, Jun (БНТУ, 2021)
      Swimming, from the first Olympic Games in 1896, has been included in the official Olympic sports. Swimming is not only the foundation of the Olympic competition, but also the old and young salty, healthy popular sport, with many enthusiasts all over the world. With the development of the times, swimming is no longer exclusive to summer, all year round people can experience the ...
    • Use of targeted advertising as the best sales channel in the modern market 

      Гришанович, К. А. (БНТУ, 2021)
      The Internet can be viewed as a basis for globalization, as a tool for creating an information society, as well as a business assistant. Web development has become a webbased system at a very rapid pace, so it has become possible to develop Internet marketing. Targeted advertising as a kind of advertising is a strong and effective tool to attract customers, it is one of the best ...
    • Адаптивная физическая культура в условиях специализированного интерната 

      Гапонёнок, Ю. В. (БНТУ, 2021)
      The article presents the results of the analysis of the current state of inclusive education in the Republic of Belarus. Recommendations for improving the organization of the educational process in the academic subject "Adaptive physical culture" are offered. A correctional and developmental technique has been developed for children with severe and (or) multiple physical and (or) ...
    • Азбука физики – обучение с юмором 

      Кольчевская, И. Н.; Кольчевская, М. Н.; Кольчевский, Н. Н. (БНТУ, 2021)
      Developed a method of mnemonic memorization of basic physics formulas for students and applicants, designed to prepare them for centralized testing, Olympiads and facultative lessons in high school. Humor is an effective tool in the educational process, together with using unusual associations and mnemonic techniques, it improves memorization, as well as, importantly, causes more ...
    • Анализ динамики ВВП республики Беларусь в 2021 году 

      Лёгенький, Д. С. (БНТУ, 2021)
      The research of the dynamics of the GDP of the Republic of Belarus in 2021. The GDP of the Republic of Belarus in 2021, despite the pandemic, has a constant increase, which for the period January-August amounted to 103.3 % compared to the same period in 2020.
    • Анализ причин повреждения силовых маслонаполненных трансформаторов 

      Грунтович, Н. В.; Астапенко, М. Д. (БНТУ, 2021)
      The analysis of the main causes of damage to power oil-filled transformers is carried out. The results of a study of the effect of PD on transformer oil and the conclusion of an article on improving the reliability of detecting transformer defects are presented.
    • Анализ эффективности использования вихревого теплогенератора и теплового насоса в системах теплоснабжения мобильных объектов 

      Зеленина, Ю. С.; Иокова, И. Л. (БНТУ, 2021)
      When creating an energy supply system for a mobile field hospital operating in a pandemic, a vortex heat generator and flexible heating devices in the heat supply system.
    • Аспекты интернационализации деятельности предприятий АПК 

      Проц, Т. А. (БНТУ, 2021)
      The aspects of internationalization of enterprises' activities and the development of foreign economic activity are studied. The geography and structure of exports of agricultural products and food products of the Republic of Belarus are indicated. Promising directions for the development of internationalization of Belarusian agricultural enterprises of the agroindustrial complex ...
    • Биомониторинг окружающей среды с помощью легочных пресноводных моллюсков 

      Кацнельсон, Е. И.; Володько, А. С.; Фомичёва, Н. С.; Балаева-Тихомирова, О. М. (БНТУ, 2021)
      Control over the quality of the aquatic environment is currently carried out mainly through chemical and physico-chemical methods. However, the analysis of individual chemicals is not able to give a complete characteristic of the harmful effects of anthropogenic factors. Biological methods (bioindication and biotesting) of water quality assessment are devoid of these disadvantages. ...
    • Буллинг как социальное явление в обществе 

      Бабич, Д. С.; Драздович, Е. В.; Дербинская, Е. А. (БНТУ, 2021)
      The main approaches to understanding bullying as a social phenomenon and its features of manifestation in the educational environment are studied. The main measures to prevent the spread of this phenomenon in society have been developed and described.