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  • Возможности зондирования вариаций плотности верхней атмосферы и сейсмоорбитальных эффектов с помощью малоразмерных космических аппаратов 

    Тертышников, А. В. (БНТУ, 2020)
    Миниатюрные космические аппараты обладают высоким баллистическим коэффициентом, что выгодно для разрешающей способности зондирования плотности верхней атмосферы. Цель данной работы – показать новые возможности «метода падающих сфер» на основе миниатюризации космических аппаратов. «Метод падающих сфер» используется для зондирования вариаций плотности верхней атмосферы. Рассмотрено ...
  • Output Characteristics of Graphene Field Effect Transistors 

    Mishchenka, V. N. (БНТУ, 2020)
    The use of graphene, which has high mobility of charge carriers, high thermal conductivity and a number of other positive properties, is promising for the creation of new semiconductor devices with good output characteristics. The aim was to simulate the output characteristics of field effect transistors containing graphene using the Monte-Carlo method and the Poisson equation. ...
  • Methodology of Defining of the Radiation Therapy Components for Various Methods of Patients’ Treating Using Medical Linear Accelerators and Gamma-Therapeutic Devices 

    Titovich, E. V.; Piatkevich, M. N.; Makarava, N. I. (БНТУ, 2020)
    One of the main factors affecting the effectiveness of radiation therapy is the constancy of the patient’s position on the treatment table created by immobilization devices of various designs and held throughout the entire irradiation procedure, which guarantees the accuracy of the delivery of the prescribed dose distribution. The purpose of the work was to establish the numerical ...
  • Measurement of Steel Structure Elements in the Specialized Module of the IMAGE-SP Image Processing Software 

    Anisovich, A. G. (БНТУ, 2020)
    Grain size is one of the most important characteristics of the microstructure of metals and alloys. Determination of the grain size of steel is regulated by Standart 5639-82 "Steels and alloys. Methods for detection and determination of the grain size". Standart includes determining the grain score by comparison with reference scales, as well as manual measurement methods. The ...
  • Smartphone-Based Automated Non-Destructive Testing Devices 

    Petryk, V. E.; Protasov, A. G.; Galagan, R. M.; Muraviov, A. V.; Lysenko, I. I. (БНТУ, 2020)
    Currently, non-destructive testing is an interdisciplinary field of science and technology that serves to ensure the safe functioning of complex technical systems in the face of multifactorial risks. In this regard, there is a need to consider new information technologies based on intellectual perception, recognition technology, and general network integration. The purpose of ...
  • In-Band Pumped Continuous-Wave Lasers Based on Ho:KY(WO4)2 Crystal and Ho:KGdYbY(WO4)2 Epitaxial Layer 

    Dernovich, O. P.; Gusakova, N. V.; Kisel, V. E.; Kravtsov, A. V.; Guretsky, S. A.; Pavlyuk, A. A.; Kuleshov, N. V. (БНТУ, 2020)
    2 μm lasers are in demand for a number of practical applications, such as environmental monitoring, remote sensing, medicine, material processing, and are also used as a pump sources for optical parametric generators. Crystals of double potassium tungstates doped with ions of rare-earth elements were shown to be promising materials both for the creation of classical solid-state ...
  • Контраст изображения объекта, наблюдаемого в условиях задымления, при поляризационной фильтрации излучения, рассеянного частицами дыма 

    Кицак, А. И. (БНТУ, 2020)
    Целью работы являлось исследование контраста изображения объекта, наблюдаемого в задымленной среде, с применением поляризационной фильтрации излучения, рассеянного частицами дыма в сторону наблюдателя, и сопоставление данного контраста с контрастом изображения, формируемого без фильтрации, для оценки возможности разработки комплекта оптических принадлежностей пожарного-спасателя, ...
  • Analysis of Requirements and the Feasible Limit for Error Reduction in Two-Parameter Magnetic Determination of Steels’ Hardness 

    Sandomirski, S. G. (БНТУ, 2020)
    All measurements of mechanical properties of materials in the magnetic structural analysis are indirect and relationships between the measured parameters are correlated. An important physical parameter of steel is hardness. An increase in the correlation coefficient R and a reduction in the standard deviation (SD) are achieved when controlling the hardness of steels with two-parameter ...
  • Application of Two-Channel Principle in Measuring Devices to Compensate for Disturbing Influences of Unknown Physical Nature 

    Nesterov, V. N.; Li, A. R. (БНТУ, 2020)
    The article notes the advantages of the method of constructing absolutely invariant measuring transducers for working in conditions with disturbing influences. However, this method is not universal. Its limitations are due to the impossibility of "symmetric" transmission of all disturbing influences into parallel measuring channels. A broader interpretation of the two-channel ...
  • Determination of Parameters of Electrode Metal Transported Drops by Simulation and Visualization 

    Ilyaschenko, D. P.; Kryukov, A. V.; Lavrova, E. V.; Kuznetsov, M. A.; Verkhoturova, E. V. (БНТУ, 2020)
    The nature of the molten electrode metal melting and transfer is the main process parameter of manual metal arc welding (MMA) with coated electrodes. It significantly affects the efficiency of the welding process. For this reason the relevant task is to identify the parameters of the transferred molten electrode metal drops and their further transfer into the weld pool with maximum ...
  • Features of Measuring the Hardness of a Metal Surface Modified with Ultrafine Particles of Minerals 

    Skazochkin, A. V.; Bondarenko, G. G.; Zukowski, P. (БНТУ, 2020)
    One of the important characteristics of the surface properties of metal parts subjected to friction is hardness. Hardness measurements are important for determining the operational characteristics of parts and monitoring the technological regimes of surface modification. However, hardness measurements of thin modified layers made by different methods can lead to differences in ...
  • Determination of Flow Characteristics in Technological Processes with Controlled Pressure 

    Reader, T.; Tenenev, V. A.; Chernova, A. A. (БНТУ, 2020)
    Assessment of the environmental and economic performance of a safety valve requires information about the flow of the substance through the valve when it is actuated. The goal of this paper was to determine the flow rate of the discharged substance and the mass flow rate of the substance entering the safety valve when it is actuated. Proposed a mathematical model to describe the ...
  • Application of the Correlation Velocity Measurements for Hydrodynamic Investigations of Turbulent Coolant Flow in Nuclear Reactor Elements 

    Konovalov, I. A.; Khrobostov, A. E.; Legchanov, M. A.; Solncev, D. N.; Barinov, A. A.; Ryazanov, A. V.; Chesnokov, A. A.; Makarov, M. A. (БНТУ, 2020)
    The method of correlation measurement of the coolant flow rate, widely used for operational diagnostics of nuclear power plants, can be extensively used in research practice. The aim of this work was to apply a correlation method based on the conductometric measurement system with wire-mesh sensors for measuring a coolant flow rate. Insignificant concentration of a salt solution ...
  • Measurement Stand, Method and Results of Composite Electrotechnical Pressboard-Mineral Oil Electrical Measurements 

    Rogalski, P. (БНТУ, 2020)
    The paper presents a measuring stand designed and built for testing direct and alternating current properties of power transformers basic insulation component i.e. electrotechnical pressboard impregnated with transformer oil. Measurements of direct and alternating current parameters are performed using the frequency domain spectroscopy and polarization depolarization current ...
  • High Power SESAM Mode-Locked Laser Based on Yb3+:YAlO3 Bulk Crystal 

    Rudenkov, A.; Kisel, V.; Yasukevich, A.; Hovhannesyan, K.; Petrosyan, A.; Kuleshov, N. (БНТУ, 2020)
    Yttrium aluminium perovskite YAlO3 (YAP) crystal, doped with rare-earth ions, has been extensively studied as a diode-pumped laser host material. The wide interest to rare-earth ions doped YAP crystals is explained by its good thermal and mechanical properties, high natural birefringence, widely used Czochralski growth method. The aim of this work was to study the Yb3+:YAlO3 ...
  • Measuring Setup for Investigation and Visualization of the Percolation Phenomenon in Non-Оrdered Models of Metal-Dielectric Nanocomposites 

    Okal, P. (БНТУ, 2020)
    The study uses the phenomenon of high voltage partial discharge to investigate the phenomenon of percolation and visualisation of the percolation channel. The phenomenon of partial discharges is very similar to the quantum tunneling phenomenon observed in metal-dielectric nanocomposites. In both cases the flow of alternating current occurs in the absence of direct contact between ...
  • Реализация спектрального метода определения динамических характеристик средств измерений 

    Сабитов, А. Ф.; Сафина, И. А. (БНТУ, 2020)
    Основным требованием спектрального метода определения динамических характеристик средств измерений (СИ) является установление амплитудного спектра сигнала в его информативной части, включающей значение амплитудного спектра на нулевой частоте. Существующие низкочастотные анализаторы спектра имеют рабочий диапазон частот, лежащий выше нулевой частоты, что приводит к погрешности ...
  • About Possibility of Remote Diagnostics of the Respiratory System by Auscultation 

    Zaitseva, E. G.; Chernetsky, M. V.; Shevel, N. A. (БНТУ, 2020)
    Development of technical base, software, accumulated information on the diagnosis of the respiratory system provided the prerequisites for creating remote diagnostics of the human respiratory system through auscultation. The known methods do not solve the problem of determining auscultation points at patent´s housing without a diagnostic specialist. The purpose of this study is ...
  • Tests of Impregnation Speed of Electrotechnical Pressboard with Insulating Oil 

    Kozak, C. (БНТУ, 2020)
    The paper presents a new test stand for ivestigating the rate of penetration of transformer oil through electrotechnical pressboard. The stand consists of a pipe, to the lower end of which is glued a pressboard plate. The pipe is filled with insulating oil. A mirror is placed under the plate, which directs its image to the lens of the camera, which takes a series of photographs ...
  • Ionization Efficiency in a Hot Flat Disc-Shaped Cavity 

    Turek, M. (БНТУ, 2020)
    Hot cavity ion sources of different kinds are widely used in nuclear and mass spectroscopy, especially in on-line isotope separation devices attracting attention of scientists and engineers looking for high ionization efficiency, robustness and beam purity. In the paper a new type of hot ionizer cavity is proposed: namely cavity having the shape of a flat disc, which may be ...

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