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  • Assessing of a Radiation Therapy Sessionʼs Duration at the Stage of Pre-Radiation Preparation 

    Piatkevich, M. N.; Titovich, E. V. (БНТУ, 2022)
    The treatment planning process includes a review of the radiation treatment plan which leads to a decision on the patientʼs treatment technique. The scope of this study was to create a mathematical model for calculating of a radiation therapy session duration during the pre-radiation planning stage. For dosimetric planning of radiation treatment the authors provided a formula and ...
  • Analysis of Illumination Generated by LED Matrices Distribution 

    Bogdan, P. S.; Zaytseva, E. G.; Baranov, P. O.; Stepanenko, A. I. (БНТУ, 2022)
    Сreation of indoor lighting systems with the possibility of changing its parameters in space and time is a promising direction within the framework of the intellectual environment system. The aim of this work was to create a methodology for calculating the illumination created by LED matrices which does not require the use of specialized software products and is adapted to the ...
  • Method for Increasing of Lens Gluing Technological Process Efficiency and a Reliable Evaluation of Output Controlled Parameters 

    Fiodоrtsev, R. V.; Metelskaya, E. A.; Marchik, V. A.; Kuznetsov, A. V.; Makarevich., A. E. (БНТУ, 2022)
    The use of glued lens components in optical devices improves the image quality of telescopic and photographic lenses or inverting systems by eliminating a number of aberrations, and also reduces light losses in the optical system of the device. The traditional production process of lenses gluing involves the sequential execution of a set of technological operations and takes a ...
  • Methods for Accuracy Increasing of Solid Brittle Materials Fracture Toughness Determining 

    Lapitskaya, V. A.; Kuznetsova, T. A.; Chizhik, S. A.; Warcholinski, B. (БНТУ, 2022)
    Method for determining of the fracture toughness of brittle materials by indentation is described. The critical stress intensity factor KIC quantifies the fracture toughness. Methods were developed and applied to improve the accuracy of KIC determination due to atomic force microscopy and nanoindentation. It is necessary to accurately determine parameters and dimensions of the ...
  • Determination of 238U Content by Gamma Radiation Emitting from 234mPa Radionuclide 

    Khruschinski, Arkadiy; Kutsen, Semen; Zhukouski, Alex; Sugai, Naoyuki; Sugai, Hiroshi; Mogi, Michinori (БНТУ, 2022)
    Radionuclide 238U is one of the most important radioactive elements that must be controlled in nuclear power engineering, geological exploration, control of radioactive contamination of soils and raw materials used in construction. The most optimal way to control 238U is to use the 234mPa radionuclide, the activity of which, due to its short lifetime (≈ 1.2 min), is unambiguously ...
  • Compact Passively Q-Switched Tm:KY(WO4)2 Laser 

    Kisel, V. E. (БНТУ, 2022)
    Diode-pumped thulium lasers emitting in the spectral range near 2 μm are attractive for applications in different areas: surgery, rangefinding, and environmental atmosphere monitoring. In this article the latest results of Tm:KYW laser performance with a polycrystalline Cr:ZnSe as the most available saturable absorber for 2 μm spectral region are presented. A maximum continuous-wave ...
  • Кристалл Er3+,Yb3+:YGdSiO5 для лазеров спектрального диапазона 1,5–1,6 мкм 

    Горбаченя, К. Н.; Ясюкевич, А. С.; Кисель, В. Э.; Толстик, Н. А.; Тараченко, А. А.; Гоман, В. И.; Павловский, Л. К.; Орлович, В. А.; Волкова, Е. А.; Япаскурт, В. О.; Кулешов, Н. В. (БНТУ, 2022)
    Твердотельные эрбиевые лазеры, излучающие в спектральной области 1,5–1,6 мкм, представляют большой интерес для различных практических применений. Из доступных на сегодня лазерных материалов для получения стимулированного излучения в области 1,5 мкм наибольшее распространение получили фосфатные стёкла, легированные ионами Er3+. Однако максимальные выходные мощности таких лазеров ...
  • Devices and Methods for Measuring of the Ambient Air Dust. Short Review 

    Mukhurov, N. I.; Khodin, A. A.; Kim, Y.-J. (БНТУ, 2022)
    The main characteristics of airborne micro/nanoparticles, their impact on human health and air quality standards are presented. International standards classify microparticles by size (PM10, PM2.5, PM1, UFP), establish maximum allowable concentrations and control methods. Particular attention is paid to carbonand virus-containing microparticles control. To monitor the air environment ...
  • Increasing of the Accuracy of Signalsʼ Time Parameters Measuring Using Double Pulse Trains 

    Isaev, A. V.; Suchodolov, U. V.; Sushko, A. S.; Sheinikau, A. A. (БНТУ, 2021)
    In modern diagnostics, much attention is paid to measuring of time parameters, as well as their change over time. The purpose of this work is to develop a method for measuring of time intervals which made it possible to increase the measurement accuracy by reducing errors associated with the instability of main parameters of the pulse signal. In the most of approaches used, the ...
  • Application of Solutions of Uncorrected Tasksʼ Theory for Managing of Production Processesʼ Robustness 

    Serenkov, P. S.; Romanchak, V. M.; Pesliak, I. E. (БНТУ, 2021)
    The industrial revolution of “Industry 4.0” is currently underway at an active pace. Individualization of provided products and services, transition to single production, the issues of acceptability of production processes at the stage of development and design have became urgent. The aim of this work was to develop a strategy for a fundamental solution to the task of guaranteed ...
  • Influence of Geometry and Boundary Conditions in Area of the Cohesion between Materials on the Reflection of an Ultrasonic Beam. Part 2. Features of Experimental Simulation 

    Baev, A. R.; Levkovitch, N. V.; Asadchaya, M. V.; Mayorov, A. L.; Razmyslovich, G I.; Razmyslovich, G. I.; Burnos, A. Y. (БНТУ, 2021)
    Improving the efficiency of diagnostics of objects with layered structure as applied to detection of poorly detectable material bonding defects is an important production task. The aim of the work was to experimentally simulate ultrasonic scattering by samples of proposed defect simulator designs with discretely and smoothly varying boundary conditions correlating with the phase ...
  • Application of the Correlation Measurement Method for Reconstructing of the Velocity Profile with Spatial and Temporal Discretization in Studies of the Hydrodynamics of Turbulent Flows Based on the Matrix Conductometry Method 

    Dmitriev, S. M.; Khrobostov, A. E.; Solncev, D. N.; Barinov, A. A.; Chesnokov, A. A.; Konovalov, I. A.; Makarov, M. A.; Zyryanova, T. K. (БНТУ, 2021)
    The correlation method for measuring of the coolant flow rate is used in the operation of nuclear power plants and is widespread in research practice including study of turbulent flows hydrodynamics. However the question of its applicability and possibilities in studies using the matrix conductometry method remains open. Earlier the algorithm for determining of the correlation ...
  • Shape and Measurement Monitoring of Inrush Current Characteristics of a Battery-Capacitive Energy Storage Device with Two-Channel Digital Oscilloscope 

    Vasilevich, V. P.; Zbyshinskaya, M. Y. (БНТУ, 2021)
    The main reason of voltage instability in stand-alone power supply systems is the electric drive motors inrush current, which are usually higher than their nominal value. The most reasonable way to solve this problem is using capacitive energy storage. The purpose of research is shape and measurement monitoring of battery-capacitive energy storage device inrush current characteristics. ...
  • Compositionally Disordered Doped with Cerium Crystalline Garnet Type Materials for Brighter and Faster Scintillations 

    Korzhik, M. V. (БНТУ, 2021)
    Ce-doped tetracationic garnets (Gd, M)3Al2Ga3O12(M = Y, Lu) form a family of new multipurpose promising scintillation materials. The aim of this work was to evaluate the scintillation yield in the materials of quaternary garnets activated by cerium ions with partial isovalent substitution of the matrix-forming gadolinium ions by yttrium or lutetium ions. Materials were obtained ...
  • Autonomous Streaming Space Objects Detection Based on a Remote Optical System 

    Baranova, V. S.; Saetchnikov, V. A.; Spiridonov, A. A. (БНТУ, 2021)
    Traditional image processing techniques provide sustainable efficiency in the astrometry of deep space objects and in applied problems of determining the parameters of artificial satellite orbits. But the speed of the computing architecture and the functions of small optical systems are rapidly developing thus contribute to the use of a dynamic video stream for detecting and ...
  • Rationale for the Choice of the Ellipsoidal Reflector Parameters for Biomedical Photometers 

    Bezuglaya, N.; Haponiuk, A.; Bondariev, D.; Poluectov, S.; Chornyi, V.; Bezuglyi, M. (БНТУ, 2021)
    Biomedical photometersʼ information-measuring systems with ellipsoidal reflectors have acceptable results in determining of biological tissues optical properties in the visible and near-infrared spectral range. These photometers make it possible to study the optical radiation propagation in turbid media for direct and inverse problems of light-scattering optics. The purpose of ...
  • Calculation of the Effective Energy Release Centerʼs Position of Inorganic Scintillation Detectors for Calibration at Small “Source–Detector” Distances 

    Lukashevich, R.; Fokov, G. (БНТУ, 2021)
    Inorganic scintillation detectors are widely used to measure of dose rate in the environment due to their high sensitivity to photon radiation. A distinctive feature when using such detectors is the need to take into account of the position of the effective energy release center. This peculiarity is actual when using measuring instruments with inorganic scintillation detectors ...
  • Evaluation of the Magnet Breakaway Force Measurement Accuracy of the NT-800 Sensors for Early Detection of Defects of Their Manufacturing 

    Kutsepau, A.; Kren, A.; Hnutsenka, Y. (БНТУ, 2021)
    Сontrol of mechanical stresses formed with the deposition of nickel coatings plays an important role in the diagnosis of coatings’ technical condition. Large internal stresses can lead to cracking or flaking of coatings which is completely unacceptable for critical parts and assembly units used, for example, in space technology for which reliability is of paramount importance. ...
  • Digital Spectral Analysis by means of the Method of Averag Modified Periodograms Using Binary-Sign Stochastic Quantization of Signals 

    Yakimov, V. N. (БНТУ, 2021)
    The method of averaging modified periodograms is one of the main methods for estimating the power spectral density (PSD). The aim of this work was the development of mathematical and algorithmic support, which can increase the computational efficiency of signals digital spectral analysis by this method. The solution to this problem is based on the use of binary-sign stochastic ...
  • Impulsively-Laser Excitation and Propagation of Ultrasonic Waves through Nanomagnetic Fluid 

    Baev, A. R.; Mitkovets, A. I.; Asadchaya, M. V.; Mayorov, A. L. (БНТУ, 2021)
    Magnetic fluids belong to the class of nanomaterials with a high gain of light absorption, aggregative and sedimentation stability as well as controllability by external fields, which is of interest to use in the field of optoacoustics. The purpose of the work was to experimentally study the effect of the optoacoustic transformation in a magnetic fluid, depending on the concentration ...

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