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    • 3D-печать металлических деталей 

      Бакиновский, А. А. (БНТУ, 2016)
      In the paper authors compare additive manufacturing processes that use wire and processes that use metal powder. Also, there are new results of author’s investigates in Electron Beam Free Form Fabrication process.
    • A fault location method for multi-terminal transmission lines based on time differences of modulus traveling waves 

      Yi, Ning (БНТУ, 2019)
      In order to solve the fault location problem for multi-terminal line, a travelingwave- based fault location method is proposed using arrival time differences of zero-mode and aerial-mode waves detected at each terminal. In this work, fault section judgement matrixes are set up and the rules for searching and determining fault section are established, after that the fault point ...
    • A new kind of sensing technology – optical fiber sensor based on modal interference 

      Cai, Lu; Zhao, Yong (БНТУ, 2015)
      With the development of automation and intelligentize, sensor technology has been paid more and more attention to by scientific and technical researchers all over the world. In the numerous kinds of sensors, the optical fiber sensing technology represents the development trend of the new generation of the sensor and becomes one of the most developing hightech industries due to ...
    • A novel process for leaching vanadium from the vanadium slag 

      Guoquan, Zhang; Ting-an, Zhang (БНТУ, 2014)
      In China, the comprehensive utilization of vanadium and titanium resource is an important scientific and technological issue. Meanwhile, energy conservation and environmental protection is much more serious than ever before. In the traditional process for vanadium extraction, the roasting process is the key step for oxidize V (III) and V(IV) to V (V) of the vanadium slag by ...
    • A single source reachable query method for gene regulatory networks 

      Zhaoyuan, Zhang; Ziheng, Ding; Hanwen, Wang; Keyi, Liu; Weiyiqi, Wang (БНТУ, 2020)
      With the deepening of research on gene regulatory network, the construction technology of gene regulatory network has been relatively mature. However, according to the characteristics of gene regulatory network, it is still a problem to realize efficient reachable probability query and reachable path query among gene pairs on the constructed gene regulatory network. Therefore, ...
    • A study of women's status in chinese tradition 

      Chen, Ting (БНТУ, 2017)
      As a part of phraseology, proverbs load a lot of cultural content. Proverbs are all-inclusive, they come from life and reflect life. They are part of people’s culture. By analyzing Chinese proverbs relating to women, we can see the status of women in feudal China and see the improvements nowadays.
    • Abnormal condition identification modeling based on fuzzy Bayesian network and transfer learning 

      Li, Hui (БНТУ, 2018)
      The abnormal condition identification model is established based on the fuzzy Bayesian network and transfer learning for the electro-fused magnesia smelting process in this paper. The data processing problem is analyzed during the process of modeling and reasoning. The proposed method owns the better performance, which lays the better foundation for making effective safe control ...
    • An analysis of the methods for translating chinese jokes in russian 

      Xu, Shasha; Zhang, Jinzhong (БНТУ, 2015)
      The paper aims to analyze the methods for translating Chinese jokes in Russian. By the means of conversion,addition,reduction,synthesization,devision and some other translating methods which are constituted by literal translation and liberal translation,it directs to bring humorous color that it expressed by Chinese jokes to Russion readers,in order to have them understand Chinese ...
    • Analysis of huangzi and his art songs 

      Han, Dong (БНТУ, 2016)
      Mr. HuangZi is the our country near modern renowned composer ,the music educationalist , outstanding teacher, specially in the specialized music education and the artistic song creation aspect ,the contribution is huge. This article through his biography, the creation achievement, the contribution analysis , understands him to the near moder music development influence; Through ...
    • Analysis of the development status of my country's wind power industry and its future prospects 

      Jianbo, Chen; Jiali, Zhao; Haozhang, Li (БНТУ, 2020)
      First, the distribution of wind energy resources in my country is described, and then the development status of onshore wind power and related technologies of wind turbines, as well as the distribution and utilization of coastal wind energy resources are analyzed. Finally, the current problems of wind power generation in my country are analyzed, and the future development of wind ...
    • Application of supervised learning and unsupervised learning In the classification of gear pitting faults 

      Xueyi, Li (БНТУ, 2018)
      Xueyi, Li. Application of supervised learning and unsupervised learning In the classification of gear pitting faults / Li Xueyi // Новые горизонты - 2018 : сборник материалов Белорусско-Китайского молодежного инновационного форума, 15-16 ноября 2018 г. : в 2 т. – Минск : БНТУ, 2018. – Т. 2. – С. 9-10.
    • Artificial intelligence technology for evaluating solar energy resources and its application in harbin 

      Kulinich, Raman; Sednin, U. A.; Bachirou, Guene Lougou; Yong, Shuai (БНТУ, 2020)
      In terms of economy, electricity is a commodity capable of being bought, sold and traded. Electricity is difficult to store, and it has to be available on demand. Consequently, unlike other products, it’s impossible, under normal operating conditions, to keep it in stock, to ration it, or to have customers queue for it. The solar energy generating system, whether gridconnected ...
    • Assessing the impact of ergonomic manipulators on the cursor control 

      Kuzmenko, A. A.; Khomiuk, S. G.; Markina, A. A.; Rabchuk, A. A. (БНТУ, 2019)
      The analysis of the ergonomic mice efficiency for the cursor movement is presented based on the experiments with both self-reported parameters and biometric measurements. The adequacy of choice as well as the overall speed and physical load are examined.
    • BIM технологии в создании архитектурных сооружений 

      Белая, Е. В.; Костюкович, О. В. (БНТУ, 2017)
      Information modeling is one of the leading brunches in designing sphere of possible building objects. In this article the main advantages of BIM technology while creating architectural constructions are described.
    • Circular economy as a direction of industry 4.0: barriers and opportunities in Belarus 

      Авсюк, А. А. (БНТУ, 2020)
      The article shows that the circular economy is one of the directions of industry 4.0. Barriers to implementing the principles of circular economy in Belarus have been identified. The key directions of introduction of the circular economy in Belarus are formulated.
    • Computer-aided diagnosis for pathology image 

      Siqi, Li (БНТУ, 2017)
      Accurate analysis for pathology image is of great importance in medical diagnosis and treatment. Specifically, nucleus detection is considered as an important prerequisite for this purpose. With the rapid development of computer-aided diagnosis, several computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) models using machine learning and deep learning have been developed fo accurate automatic nucleus ...
    • CRM-платформа как интегратор каналов коммуникации с клиентами 

      Полешук, В. С. (БНТУ, 2020)
      The article discusses the possibilities of improving the quality of customer service by introducing an omnichannel CRM system platform. Customer Relationship Management is an application software for organizations that allows you to combine various channels of communication with customers on a common platform.
    • Cинтетические материалы для применения в подземных сооружениях 

      Кисель, М. А.; Киргизова, М. В. (БНТУ, 2019)
      This article describes the advantages of using synthetic materials in underground work as concrete reinforcement, as well as polymers designed in liquid form, which arise from their use: light weight, lower cost, easier transportation, very resistant to corrosion, alkali, acids and chemicals in general.
    • Cовременные конструкции шумозащитных экранов автомобильных дорог 

      Ложников, Д. Е.; Киргизова, М. В. (БНТУ, 2019)
      Noise screens are special facilities that are used to reduce noise levels of various origins, including from vehicles, railways, airports. They are also used to isolate noise from industrial buildings in which noisy industries operate. Noise screens protect building sites, air conditioning and ventilation installations from sound waves.
    • Cоздание многофункциональной машины для строительства и эксплуатации местных автомобильных дорог 

      Дашко, А. Л. (БНТУ, 2019)
      В тезисе дается информация о повышении эффективности строительства и эксплуатации местных автомобильных дорог и о создании эффективной, востребованной и многофункциональной машины с системой «мультилифт», которая обеспечит погрузку/разгрузку, транспортирование быстросъемного технического оборудования различного функционального назначения.