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    • A poowerful tool continue teaching students and ourselves 

      Khramtsova, M. V. (АГУ, 2013)
      Khramtsova, M. V. A poowerful tool continue teaching students and ourselves / M. V. Khramtsova // Межкультурная коммуникация и СМИ : материалы IV Международной научно-практической конференции, Барнаул, 15 июня 2013 г. – 2013. – С. 44-47.
    • Anchorage of Retaining Walls and Antilandslide Structures 

      Nikitenko, M.; Boiko, I.; Sernov, V.; Chernoshey, N.; Sikorae, N. (2013)
      The article describes the experience of designing, arrangement and testing of anchors for fixing the protection of deep foundation pits in narrow urban areas on various construction projects during the reconstruction.
    • Application of Modern Educational Technologies at the Research University 

      Kachalov, N.; Velsh, A.; Antonova, Z.; Konysheva, A.; Proschaeva, N. (2015)
      Application of modern educational technologies for diagnosing set education results, student motivation increase, influencing creative thinking ability aimed at problem solving, critical understanding of information and independent educational activity skills development are discussed in the paper.
    • Bristlebots in swarm robotics - new approaches in modeling and agent development 

      Becker, F.; Zeidis, I.; Zimmermann, K.; Cuellar, F.; Pozo Fortunić, J. E.; Lysenko, V.; Minchenya, V. T. (2016)
      Bristlebots are vibration-driven mobile robots. They are characterized by small size, high speed, simple design and low costs of production and application, which are ad- vantageous qualities for agents of swarm robotic systems. In this paper, new ap- proaches in modeling and development of swarm agents are given. It is shown that a simple mass point model can be used to simulate ...
    • Business valuation in emerging markets 

      Trifonov, N. (TAF, 2008)
      Problems of peculiarities of business valuation techniques in emerging markets are discussed in the paper.
    • Changing of technical and operational road parameters caused by traffic load and climatic factors 

      Leonovich, I.; Melnikova, I. (2014)
      Climatic factors and car wheels are the reasons of changes in road condition: deformations of subgrade, cracks, potholes and rut appear, roughness and safety are deteriorating, and the strength of the road structure reduces. In our opinion, cracks in the road structure are of particular importance. The appearance of cracks causes the destruction of the whole road structure during ...
    • Composite Materials for Steel Cutting and Concrete Crushing 

      Usherenko, Y.; Usherenko, S.; Yazdani, J. (2017)
      The steel based on composite material, created by the stitching of steel matrix by a flow of powder particles. Stitching process implemented in conditions of super deep penetration (SDP) which provides a penetration of the powder particles at speed 1000 m/s on depth up to hundred millimeters. Due to the interaction between the particles and the steel matrix at pulsating pressureabove ...
    • Conceptual approach to the development of enterprises of any ownership in modern conditions of economic development 

      Paddziarehina, L. I.; Gainutdinoy, E. M. (ВГТУ, 2016)
      Paddziarehina, L. I. Conceptual approach to the development of enterprises of any ownership in modern conditions of economic development / L. I. Paddziarehina, E. M. Gainutdinoy // Education and science in the XXI century : articles of the International Scientific and Practical Conference, (Витебск, 27 октября 2016 г.) . – Витебск : ВГТУ, 2016. – C. 80-82.
    • The design and composition of expansion joints on big-span bridges with intensive heavy-duty traffic 

      Busel, A.; Krotau, R. (2016)
      In the Republic of Belarus the roads with a high intensity of transport most widely employ expansion joints with rubber and steel compensators fastened to the reinforced concrete base with embedded therein studs. While operated expansion joints are exposed to various kinds of operational and climatic impacts causing their damage. Expansion joints destruction results in a sharp ...
    • Dynamics of photoinduced electron transfer in multiporphyrin nanoassemblies 

      Kilin, D.; Zenkevich, E.; Borczyskowski, C. von (World Scientific Publishing Co., 2015)
      In self-assembled nanoscale porphyrin triads based on Zn-octaethylporphyrin chemical dimer (donor, D) and dipyridyl substituted porphyrin free base (acceptor, A), fluorescence quenching of D (down to 1.7-10 ps) and A (by ~1.3-1.6 times) subunits is strongly dependent on the solvent polarity (toluene-acetone mixtures) and temperature (77-350 K). The obtained experimental findings ...
    • Effect of Vertical Cross-Sectional Shape of Foundation on Settlement and Bearing Capacity of Soils 

      Boiko, I. L.; Alhassan, M. (2013)
      Load-settlement relationships of shallow foundation models with different vertical cross-sectional shapes on different modeled subsoil conditions are presented. Model of shallow foundations with rectangular, wedge and T-shape vertical cross-sections were studied. The study generally shows that bulk of the load resistance of subsoil bases at the instance of shallow foundations ...
    • Effective means of activating speaking activities in teaching English as a foreign language 

      Kolyasnev, A. S. (БГУИР, 2016)
      This article is dedicated to estimating the effectiveness of using speaking activities in teaching English as a foreign language. The author gives detailed characteristics of various speaking activation means and provides a classification table of such activities. The wide gamut of language functions, such as greetings, apologizing, congratulating, etc., is being focused on while ...
    • Eportfolio in the system of contemporary education and selfeducation 

      Shumskaya, N. I. (БГУИР, 2016)
      Lifelong learning is turning into a strategic problem for the successful development in the spheres of national economy and education. The article presents some variants of electronic portfolio implementation for qualitative changes in the field of lifelong learning.
    • From linguistic relativity to ontological 

      Starzhinsky, V. P. (БГУИР, 2017)
      How to construct linguistic-ontological models as the main problem of cognitive linguistics. Describes the contradictions of the cosmos and the relativistic paradigm through an analysis of the hypotheses of the universal linguistic structures n. Chomsky and linguistic relativity Time-linguistic relativity. Identifies the role of logical-cognitive universals in the intellectual ...
    • Interdisciplinary integration idea in education of managers 

      Sorokina, A. I. (БГУИР, 2016)
      The development of industry, economic growth, and intensification of investment and innovation processes - all these issues can be solved effectively only by competent managers understanding modern market relations and business process management. This is a guarantee of the country's competitiveness and its economic security. Therefore, one of the priorities of the state policy ...
    • Laboratory Investigation of Load Incremental Effect on the Deformation of Clay Under Axially Loaded Modeled Circular Piles 

      Adejumo, T. W.; Alhassan, M.; Boiko, I. L. (2013)
      This paper presents the results of recent experimental investigation of load incremental effect on the deformation of clay under axially loaded modeled wooden circular piles in clay. The modeled piles consist of 20 mm diameter, 200 mm length, made up of single pile, 4 No pile group of 2x2 with centre to centre a = 4d, and 9 No pile group of 3x3 with centre to centre a = 3d, were ...
    • Linguistic and acoustic resources of the computer system of spoken english intonation training 

      Zdaranok, Y. A. (БГУИР, 2017)
      This paper considers supra-segmental parameters as intonation, stress and speech rhythm, which are related not only to the correct articulation of sounds of the target language, but the correct pronunciation depends on prosodic structures presented by a standard intonation patterns. Linguistic and acoustic resources are needed for computer-aided intonation training because they ...
    • Linguistic and acoustic resources of the computer-based system for analysis and interpretation of speech intonation 

      Zdaranok, Y. A. (Ульяновский ГТУ, 2017)
      This paper considers suprasegmental parameters such as intonation, stress and speech rhythm. Correct articulation of sounds and correct pronunciation in the target language depend on prosodic structures presented by standard intonation patterns. Linguistic and acoustic resources provide the basis for computer-aided intonation training in and outside the classroom. There is a great ...
    • Modern approach in natural language processing systems for summarization 

      Makarych, M. V. (Томский политехнический университет, 2016)
      Makarych, M. V. Modern approach in natural language processing systems for summarization / M. V. Makarych // Межкультурная коммуникация: теория и практика : сборник научных трудов XVI международной научно-практической конференции, (Томск, 11-13 октября 2016 г.) / Томский политехнический университет ; ред. Ю. В. Кобенко. – Томск : Томский политехнический университет, 2016. – С. 303-306.
    • Modern trends in improvement of steel heating technology in continuous furnaces 

      Timoshpolskiy, V. I.; Temlyantsev, M. V.; Trusova, I. A. (2016)
      The principles and approaches in the development and improvement of steel heating technology in the furnaces of rolling manufacture of various structural design, based on the systematic study of thermal physical and technological processes, including mathematical modeling, industrial experiments, development of rational temperature-thermal modes.