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    • Expanding of Excimer Laser Photoablation’s Functionality in Ophthalmology 

      Alekseev, V. A.; Kostin, V. G.; Usoltseva, A. V.; Usoltsev, V. P.; Yuran, S. I. (БНТУ, 2021)
      One of the significant weaknesses of excimer laser-based vision correction devices is the difficulty of achieving a required change in the refractive properties of the cornea to sharply focus the image on the retina with distance from the working area (ablation zone) center to the periphery due to a change in the laser beam incidence angle. The study is aimed at improving the ...
    • System Eliminating Emergency Discharges in Industrial Facilities Waste Waters Using Relative Signal Description 

      Alekseev, V. A.; Yuran, S. I.; Usoltsev, V. P.; Shulmin, D. N. (БНТУ, 2022)
      Peak emergency discharges of harmful substances to the industrial companies waste waters that normally form coagulates over time present a serious environmental problem. These coagulates can enter natural water bodies during the wastewater discharge. Thus, detecting these coagulates in real-time is a relevant problem. To solve this problem, the authors suggest building an automated ...
    • System of Laser Monitoring of Water Pollution with Application of Relative Description of Signal Shape 

      Alekseev, V. A.; Yuran, S. I.; Usoltsev, V. P.; Shulmin, D. N. (БНТУ, 2020)
      As a rule, the wastewater treatment system is not designed to filter substances formed, as a result of beyond design basis accident. The nature of the beyond design basis accident is associated with the shortterm appearance of a clot of these substances in wastewater, determined by the volume of the substance storage tank. Therefore, a rational approach is to divert this portion ...