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    • Controlling the characteristics of photovoltaic cells based on their own semiconductors 

      Vorobey, R. I.; Gusev, O. K.; Tyavlovsky, K. L.; Svistun, A. I.; Shadurskaya, L. I.; Yarzhembitskaya, N. V.; Kierczynski, K. (Wydawnictwo SIGMA, 2015)
      The features of photovoltaic cells with their own photoconductivity in semiconductors with deep-level multiply-charge impurity have been considered. The use of such structures can significantly extend the dynamic range of sensitivity and gain new functional properties of single-element photoelectric receivers. Photovoltaic converters based on semiconductors with deep-level ...
    • Wye-connected current transformers simplified model validation in Matlab-simulink 

      Romanyuk, F. A.; Novash, I. V.; Rumiantsev, Y.; Wegierek, P. (Wydawnictwo SIGMA, 2015)
      This paper presents the wye-connected current transformers (CTs) simplified mathematical model with the initial data based on nominal parameters (nameplate data) of the simulated CT. Designed user-friendly graphical interface allows to specify the CT data (nominal parameters, remanence and burdens) in convenient form. Results of the carried out experiments confirmed the CT model ...