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    • Semiconductor A3B5 nanostructures for infrared femtosecond lasers 

      Rubtsova, N. N.; Kochubei, A. A.; Kovalyov, A. A.; Preobrazhenskii, V. V.; Putyato, M. A.; Semyagin, B. R.; Shamirzaev, T. S.; Borisov, G. M.; Kisel, V. E.; Kuleshov, N. V.; Kuril'chik, S. V.; Buganov, O. V.; Tikhomirov, S. A. (Institute of Physics, 2013)
      Two techniques were suggested and tested for the recovery time shortening of saturable absorbers on a base of A3B5 compounds including quantum wells. The first one, proposed by authors, is the sample post-growth treatment by UV laser radiation; it implied generation of point defects, which, in its turn, led to electron-hole recombination acceleration and to recovery time shortening ...