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    • Classical project management is a way to make the project more manageable 

      Терешко, Е. Н.; Лысая, A. A. (БНТУ, 2020)
      The article considers one of the most common method of project management which is called "classical" or "traditional" management. It is necessary to define and achieve clear goals of the project balancing between the scope of work, resources, time, quality and risk. One of the main questions in project management is: What kind of management should be applied in this project. The ...
    • Concepts of enterprise management in the modern world 

      Шляжко, К. Н. (БНТУ, 2020)
      This article is about modern methods of enterprise management. After analyzing the basic principles of any method of organization management, we will answer the question, what the essence of management methods is.
    • Coworking in Belarus. Origin and current situation 

      Крапивин, Н. П. (БНТУ, 2020)
      Coworking centers in Belarus are becoming more and more popular every year, thus creating the popularity of this topic. Coworking first appeared in 2012 and immediately gained popularity among programmers, freelancers, and people working remotely. Despite the fact that there are more and more such places every year, you need to figure out what exactly makes people visit coworking ...
    • Cовременные методы мотивaции перcонaлa в компaниях по производcтву текcтильной продукции 

      Кибук, М. A.; Кacперcкaя, К. A. (БНТУ, 2020)
      В дaнной cтaтье определяетcя вaжноcть прaвильной мотивaции cотрудников для общего рaзвитие компaнии и доcтижение целей оргaнизaции cрaвнить рaзличные методы и приемы мотивaция cотрудников нa примере компaнии «Cвитaнок».
    • Design in marketing 

      Волынец, Д. М. (БНТУ, 2020)
      Nowadays, a lot of time is spent on promoting various ways of goods and services for the successful implementation of the business. Success depends on the ability to develop new creative products and services. It is also very important to retain the consumer after the purchased product or service. That will promote the share of fame in the market. Revenue and sales play a more ...
    • Development of the creative economy, its relationship with the innovation economy in the Republic of Belarus 

      Бубенникова, Е. Н.; Дроневич, А. О. (БНТУ, 2020)
      Creative economy – an economy that embodies new ideas in a product and formed by the synergetic effect of innovations. This economy is closely interlinked with the innovation economy, which presupposes a certain strategy for the development of scientific and technological developments. It is also important to note the high role and specificity of financing in this area: a common ...
    • Effective marketing techniques 

      Мастович, В. A. (БНТУ, 2020)
      Most people do not follow their own logic when making a purchase, but give in to emotional outbursts caused by their expectations. And at large this buying behavior is determined by skillful, but invisible to the buyer actions of sellers, stores and suppliers of goods.
    • Event-менеджмент: проблемы и перспективы развития в Республике Беларусь 

      Крапивин, Н. П.; Рыжко, Е. И. (БНТУ, 2020)
      Еvent менеджмент в Республике Беларусь только начинает пользоваться популярностью в компаниях. В связи с этим возникает потребность в повышении квалификации специалистов в данной области, а также в выработке мероприятий и практических рекомендаций по повышению эффективности данного вида деятельности в организациях Республики Беларусь.
    • External and internal environment of the organization 

      Мицкевич, A. А. (БНТУ, 2020)
      The environment of the organization is a combination of business entities, their relationships, infrastructure links and the conditions of their activities. The study of the environment is an extremely important process for any organization, because it can have a direct impact on various areas of the organization and its behavior in general.
    • Features and types of risks in life and health insurance in Ukraine 

      Demianchuk, S. (БНТУ, 2020)
      The paper analyses the types and features of insurance risks that are covered by life insurance companies. in Ukraine. The findings reveal that there are a lot of people who are not accepted for insurance. For example, persons over the age of 75-97 years at the moment of signing the application; persons with disabilities of group I, as well as persons under the age of 18 who have ...
    • Features of entrepreneurship development among youth in the Republic of Belarus 

      Куликович, Е. В. (БНТУ, 2020)
      This article deals with the problems of business development among youth in the Republic of Belarus and ways to solve them.
    • Features of strategic management in organization of small business 

      Маруго, Е. А. (БНТУ, 2020)
      In modern conditions, any business, including small ones, is faced with constantly changing environmental conditions and changes in the internal environment. Only the correct setting of goals and objectives, an objective assessment of the external and internal environment are able to provide increased efficiency in the functioning of a small organization in market conditions. ...
    • Futures and options as instruments of hedging risks 

      Островская, Д. С. (БНТУ, 2020)
      In the modern world, for the effective functioning of any company in markets of currencies, equities, bonds and commodities, a comprehensive business analysis is necessary. One of the stages of this analysis is the prediction of risks and potential ways to overcome them through hedging tools - futures and options.
    • Green marketing in moderm business 

      Бондарчук, E. С. (БНТУ, 2020)
      The article is dedicated to the description of the green marketing and popular eco-trends, the reason for its existence and the impact on the methods of leading business.
    • How ray tracing affected Nvidia 

      Быченков, A. A. (БНТУ, 2020)
      In this article, we will talk about how the entry of a new video card segment into the market affected the profit of one of the most famous video card companies. And also whether the market itself is ready for such innovations. Analysis of what this technology does and how it can help developers.
    • influence of availability of ventilation in work / study spaces on quality of work / study 

      Аскольченко, М. В. (БНТУ, 2020)
      This article reflects the importance of having a ventilation system in work / school premises, shows its effect on the work process, and describes how to create ventilation in the absence of professional equipment manufactured for air exchange.
    • Innovative economy in the Republic of Belarus 

      Дроздова, A. Д.; Степанова, K. В. (БНТУ, 2020)
      In the modern economy, innovation plays a significant role and is the most effective way to compete. Innovations affect the country's economic growth, increasing its image, creating new industries and opening new markets. The transition to an innovative development path is one of the main tasks for Belarus. This article is devoted to the features of the innovative economy of the ...
    • Integration interaction of regional economic associations actors: «soft» & «hard» mechanisms 

      Yuy, Gan; Erkin, Dilnur; Lin, Lai Xiang; Yang, Zhang Men (БНТУ, 2020)
      In recent years, attempts to extend protectionism policies to a wide area of international relations between developed and developing countries, including the largest economies in the world, have become increasingly noticeable. Along with the “currency wars”, this forms a new reality, the peculiarity of which is to increase the level of uncertainty of economic development. To ...
    • Internet marketing 

      Вандич, А. В. (БНТУ, 2020)
      This article deals with the issue of how the Internet marketing works nowadays, its main trends, directions and ways of interaction between the brand and the client.
    • Lack of trust in insurance and lemonade’s way to fix it 

      Хваленя, К. В. (БНТУ, 2020)
      The article is devoted to the current problem of the low level of distribution of insurance services in the countries of the former Soviet Union. The objective reasons for the low financial and insurance literacy of the population of Belarus are traced. The article summarizes the practical experience of developing the insurance business by the example of the actions of the American ...