• Ab initio Study of Exciton Transfer Dynamics from a Core-Shell Semiconductor Quantum-Dot to a Porphyrin-Sensitizer 

    Kilin, D. S.; Tsemekhman, K.; Prezhdo, O. V.; Zenkevich, E. I.; von Borczyskowski, C. (2007)
    The observed resonance energy transfer in nanoassemblies of CdSe/ZnS quantum dots and pyridyl-substituted free-base porphyrin molecules [Zenkevich et al., J. Phys. Chem. B 109 (2005) 8679] is studied computationally by ab initio electronic structure and quantum dynamics approaches. The system harvests light in a broad energy range and can transfer the excitation from the dot ...
  • Acoustic Response to the Action of Nanosecond Laser Pulses on an In/CdTe Thin-Film Heterostructure 

    Vlasenko, A. I.; Veleshchuk, V. P.; Gnatyuk, V. A.; Levitskii, S. N.; Vlasenko, Z. K.; Ivlev, G. D.; Gatskevich, E. I. (2015)
    The photothermoacoustic method has been used for diagnostics of thermobarodynamic processes in the metal In(400 nm)/semiconductor (CdTe) thin-film system under nanosecond laser irradiation (7 ns, λ = 532 nm) in natural conditions (in air) and in a liquid medium (water). From the analysis of the data obtained, the dependence of the pressure induced in the energy-release region on ...
  • All-space existence and dispersion of athermal directions in monoclinic KY(WO4)2 

    Filippov, V.; Yumashev, K. V.; Kuleshov, N. V.; Pavlyuk, A. A.; Loiko, P. A. (Elsevier, 2014)
    The analytical expressions for thermo-optic coefficients, dn/dT, for “fast” and “slow” light waves propagating along the arbitrary direction in a biaxial crystal are derived. On the basis of these expressions, the all-space analysis of existence of athermal directions is performed for monoclinic and biaxial KY(WO4)2 at 1.03 μm. The calculations are performed for an arbitrary ...
  • Anisotropy of the photo-elastic effect in Nd : KGd(WO4) 2 laser crystals 

    Loiko, P. A.; Savitski, V. G.; Kemp, A.; Pavlyuk, A. A.; Kuleshov, N. V.; Yumashev, K. V. (Wiley, 2014)
    The anisotropy of thermal lensing and the photo-elastic effect is characterized for diodepumped Nd : KGd(WO4)2 crystals cut along the Np and Ng optical indicatrix axes and along its optical axis, O = Ng + 43°, at a laser wavelength of 1067 nm. Distortions in the spatial profile of the output laser beam are analyzed. The thermal lens is astigmatic; the orientation of its principal ...
  • Application of active powders at fluidised bed heat treatment technologies 

    Babul, T.; Kucharieva, N. (Inderscience Enterprises Ltd, 2014)
    The paper describes the principles and conditions of carrying out of a new type of fluidised bed thermochemical treatment in chemically active powders with different ways of fluidisation. These new fluidised bed thermochemical treatments in chemically active powders are primarily for the formation of surface diffusion layers on parts made of constructional and tool steel. This ...
  • Assembly principles and relaxation processes in nanosized heterogeneous complexes 

    Zenkevich, E. I.; von Borczyskowski, C. (2009)
    Based on the extra-ligand addition effect, the principles of targeted self-assembly of nanosized multiporphyrin complexes of various types with controllable geometry and composition (up to 8 tetrapyrroles) and heterogeneous composites based on trioctylphosphine oxide-stabilized CdSe/ZnS semiconductor nanocrystals and organic compounds were developed. The dynamics and mechanisms ...
  • Behavior of nanoparticle clouds around a magnetized microsphere under magnetic and flow fields 

    Magnet, С.; Kuzhir, P.; Bossis, G.; Meunier, A.; Nave, S.; Zubarev, A.; Lomenech, C.; Bashtovoi, V. G. (American Physical Society, 2014)
    When a micron-sized magnetizable particle is introduced into a suspension of nanosized magnetic particles, the nanoparticles accumulate around the microparticle and form thick anisotropic clouds extended in the direction of the applied magnetic field. This phenomenon promotes colloidal stabilization of bimodal magnetic suspensions and allows efficient magnetic separation of ...
  • Broadly tunable femtosecond mode-locking in a Tm:KYW laser near 2 μm 

    Lagatsky, A. A.; Calvez, S.; Gupta, J. A.; Kisel, V. E.; Kuleshov, N. V.; Brown, C. T. A.; Dawson, M. D.; Sibbett, W. (Optical Society of America, 2011-05-09)
    Efficient mode-locking in a Tm:KY(WO4)2 laser is demonstrated by using InGaAsSb quantum-well SESAMs. Self-starting ultrashort pulse generation was realized in the 1979-2074 nm spectral region. Maximum average output power up to 411 mW was produced around 1986 nm with the corresponding pulse duration and repetition rate of 549 fs and 105 MHz respectively. Optimised pulse durations ...
  • Business valuation in emerging markets 

    Trifonov, N. Yu. (TAF, 2008)
    Problems of peculiarities of business valuation techniques in emerging markets are discussed in the paper.
  • Calculation of Residual Magnetic-Field Distributions upon Hysteretic Interference of a Pulsed Magnetic Field 

    Pavlyuchenko, V. V.; Doroshevich, E. S.; Pivovarov, V. L. (2015)
    Equations that are used for the calculation and distributions of the electrical voltage U(t) output from a magnetic-field transducer as it scans a discrete magnetic medium with recorded residual magnetic fields, which were produced in it by acting individual magnetic-field pulses with opposite-polarity surges, are reported. The distributions were obtained via the Delphi programming ...
  • Central and Eastern European Countries 

    Trifonov, N. Yu. (Kluwer academic publishers, 2002)
    Trifonov, Nikolai. Central and Eastern European Countries / Nikolai Trifonov // Real estate education throughout the world: past, present and future / Karl-Werner Schulte . - Kluwer academic publishers: 2002. - Chapter 5. – Р. 61 – 88.
  • Competition between electron transfer and energy migration in self-assembled porphyrin triads 

    Zenkevich, E. I.; Willert, A.; Bachilo, S. M.; Rempel, U.; Kilin, D. S.; Shulga, A. M.; von Borczyskowski, C. (2001)
    The photoinduced electron transfer (ET) and the energy migration (EM) processes have been studied in liquid solutions and polymeric (PMMA) films for the triads consisting of the Zn-octaethylporphyrin chemical dimer (the energy and electron donor, D) and dipyridyl substituted tetrapyrrole extra-ligands (porphyrins, chlorin, tetrahydroporphyrin) as the acceptors, A. On the basis ...
  • Complexation and interchromophoric interactions in self-organized porphyrin and chlorin triads 

    Chernook, A. V.; Shulga, A. M.; Zenkevich, E. I.; Rempel, U.; von Borczyskowski, C. (1996)
    Spectral properties and equilibrium constants of multimolecular complexes (triads) formed by 2-fold coordination of dipyridyl-substituted free bases of porphyrin, chlorin, or tetrahydroporphyrin with Zn-porphyrin and Zn-chlorin dimers bridged by either of two different spacers between the monomeric entities have been studied in methylcyclohexane at room temperature. The ability ...
  • Concentration effects in pigment solutions 

    Gurinovich, G. P.; Losev, A. P.; Zenkevich, E. I. (1978)
    Gurinovich, G. P. Concentration effects in pigment solutions / G.P. Gurinovich, A.P. Losev, E.I. Zenkevich // Spectroscopy Letters. – 1978. - Vol 11, No 7. – P. 493-511.
  • Constructive Theory of Scalar Characteristic Equations of the Theory of Radiation Transport: II. Algorithms for Finding Solutions and Their Analytic Representations 

    Rogovtsov, N. N. (2015)
    We present methods for finding discrete spectra and derive analytic expressions for the eigenfunctions of scalar characteristic equations of the theory of radiation transport. We obtain new two-term recursion formulas and analytic representations for solutions of infinite tridiagonal systems of linear algebraic equations. We obtain analytic forms of the resolvents of scalar ...
  • Continuous-wave and Q-switched operation of a compact, diode-pumped Yb3+:KY(WO4)2 planar waveguide laser 

    Bain, F. M.; Lagatsky, A. A.; Kurilchick, S. V.; Kisel, V. E.; Guretsky, S. A.; Luginets, A. M.; Kalanda, N. A.; Kolesova, I. M.; Kuleshov, N. V.; Sibbett, W.; Brown, C. T. A. (Optical Society of America, 2009-02-02)
    A diode-pumped LPE-grown Yb:KYW planar waveguide laser is demonstrated in a microchip monolithic cavity configuration. Output powers as high as 148mW and thresholds as low as 40mW were demonstrated during continuous-wave operation. Pulses of 170ns duration with maximum pulse energy of 44nJ at a 722kHz repetition rate were generated when Q-switched using a semiconductor saturable ...
  • Cooperative up-conversion in Eu3+,Yb3+-doped SiO2–PbO–PbF2–CdF2 oxyfluoride glass 

    Loiko, P. A.; Rachkovskaya, G. E.; Zakharevich, G. B.; Kornienko, A. A.; Dunina, E. B.; Yasukevich, A. S.; Yumashev, K. V. (Elsevier, 2014)
    Novel oxy fluoride glass doped with YbF3 and Eu2O3 is synthesized in the SiO2–PbO–PbF2–CdF2 system by melt quenching technique. Its physical properties, as well as the optical absorption of Eu3+ and Yb3+ ions are studied. Spectroscopic properties of Eu3+ ions are modeled within modified Judd–Ofelt theory, yielding absorption oscillator strength, luminescence branching ratios and ...
  • CW and Q-switched diode-pumped laser operation of Yb 3+:NaLa(MoO4)2 

    Mandrik, A. V.; Troshin, A. E.; Kisel, V. E.; Yasukevich, A. S.; Klavsut, G. N.; Kuleshov, N. V.; Pavlyuk, A. A. (Springer, 2005)
    Continuous wave (CW) and Q-switched diode-pumped laser operation of Yb3+:NaLa(MoO4)2 single crystal was to our knowledge, demonstrated for the first time. A CW output power of 220 mW and slope efficiency of 46% were obtained. Q-switched laser operation was achieved with a pulse duration of 60 ns average output power of 70mW and slope efficiency of 22%
  • Damping of a Solution of Linear Autonomous Difference–Differential Systems with Many Delays Using Feedback 

    Metel’skii, A. V.; Urban, O. I.; Khartovskii, V. E. (2015)
    For linear autonomous difference–differential systems with commensurable delays, the problem of damping the solution by using a linear difference–differential controller with a state feed-back is solved. A generalization of these results to linear autonomous difference–differential systems of neutral type with commensurable delays in the case of a continuous solution is proposed. ...
  • Diode-pumped passively mode-locked Er,Yb:YAl3(BO3)4laser at 1.5-1.6 μm 

    Lagatsky, A. A.; Kisel, V. E.; Troshin, A. E.; Tolstik, N. A.; Kuleshov, N. V.; Leonyuk, N. I.; Zhukov, A. E.; Rafailov, E. U.; Sibbett, W. (2008-01-01)
    We report the first demonstration to our knowledge of passive mode locking in a diode-pumped Er3+ and Yb3+ codoped YAl3(BO3)4 laser operating in the 1.5-1.6 μm spectral region. Low-loss GaInNAs quantum-well semiconductor saturable absorber mirrors are used for the initiation and stabilization of the ultrashort-pulse generation. Pulses as short as 4.8 ps were generated at 1530 nm ...