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    • A novel lithium battery anode-cathode distance detection method based on X-RAY images 

      Jun, Ma; Silun, Xu; Longwei, Qian (БНТУ, 2022)
      Lithium battery is a promising energy source that can used in power the electric motors of a battery electric vehicle or hybrid electric vehicle. However, in recent years, many serious safety accidents in electric vehicle that caused by the defect of the anode and cathode harm the industry. Therefore, we proposed a novel distance detection method, which can detect the defect of ...
    • Object recognition based on skeleton 

      Jun, Ma (БНТУ, 2021)
      Object recognition is one of the heated topics discussed in the computer vision, which is a field of artificial intelligence. The skeleton has been proved as a compact and intuitive descriptor that facilitates object recognition. In this paper, the key processes of the object recognition based on skeleton will been presented.