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  • Continuous-wave and Q-switched operation of a compact, diode-pumped Yb3+:KY(WO4)2 planar waveguide laser 

    Bain, F. M.; Lagatsky, A. A.; Kurilchick, S. V.; Kisel, V. E.; Guretsky, S. A.; Luginets, A. M.; Kalanda, N. A.; Kolesova, I. M.; Kuleshov, N. V.; Sibbett, W.; Brown, C. T. A. (Optical Society of America, 2009-02-02)
    A diode-pumped LPE-grown Yb:KYW planar waveguide laser is demonstrated in a microchip monolithic cavity configuration. Output powers as high as 148mW and thresholds as low as 40mW were demonstrated during continuous-wave operation. Pulses of 170ns duration with maximum pulse energy of 44nJ at a 722kHz repetition rate were generated when Q-switched using a semiconductor saturable ...
  • Passive Q-switching of Yb bulk lasers by a graphene saturable absorber 

    Loiko, P. A.; Serres, J. M.; Mateos, X.; Liu, G.; Zhang, H.; Yasukevich, A. S.; Yumashev, K. V.; Petrov, V.; Griebner, U.; Aguilo, M.; Diaz, F. (Springer, 2016)
    Compact Yb:KLu(WO4)2 and Yb:LuVO4 lasers diode-pumped at 978 nm are passively Q-switched by a single-layer graphene saturable absorber. The Yb:KLu(WO4)2 laser generated 165 ns/0.49 μJ pulses at 1030 nm with 170 mW average output power and 12 % slope efficiency. With the Yb:LuVO4 laser, 152 ns/0.83 μJ pulses were achieved. The output power reached 300 mW at 1024 nm, and the slope ...
  • Spectroscopy and femtosecond laser performance of Yb3+:YAlO3 crystal 

    Kisel, V. E.; Kurilchik, S. V.; Yasukevich, A. S.; Grigoriev, S. V.; Smirnova, S. A.; Kuleshov, N. V. (Optical Society of America, 2008-10-01)
    We report what we believe to be the first demonstration of cw and passively mode-locked Yb3+:YAlO3(Yb:YAP) laser operation under diode pumping. Spectroscopic properties of a 0.6 at.%Yb3+-doped YAP single crystal were investigated. Output power up to 1.2 W with slope efficiency of 64.5% in the cw regime and 225 fs pulse duration with average power of 0.8 W from a mode-locked Yb:YAP ...
  • Stokes and anti-Stokes luminescence from cubic elpasolite Cs2NaYF6 crystals doped with Er3+and Yb3+ ions 

    Loiko, P. A.; Khaidukov, N. M.; Mendez-Ramos, J.; Vilejshikova, E. V.; Skoptsov, N. A.; Yumashev, K. V. (Elsevier, 2016)
    Er3þ and Yb3þ doped cubic elpasolite Cs2NaYF6 crystals including stoichiometric compositions Cs2NaErF6 and Cs2NaYbF6 have been synthesized under hydrothermal conditions. Absorption, stimulated-emission and gain cross-sections spectra have been determined for the 2F5/2-2F7/2 (Yb3þ) and 4I13/2-4I15/2 (Er3þ) transitions at room-temperature. The maximum σSE values are 1.8 10 21 cm2 ...
  • Ultrafast laser inscribed Yb:KGd(WO4)2 and Yb:KY(WO4)2 channel waveguide lasers 

    Bain, F. M.; Lagatsky, A. A.; Thomson, R. R.; Psaila, N. D.; Kuleshov, N. V.; Kar, A. K.; Sibbett, W.; Brown, C. T. A. (Optical Society of America, 2009-12-07)
    We demonstrate laser action in diode-pumped microchip monolithic cavity channel waveguides of Yb:KGd(WO4)2 and Yb:KY(WO4)2 that were fabricated by ultrafast laser writing. The maximum output power achieved was 18.6 mW with a threshold of approximately 100 mW from an Yb:KGd(WO4)2waveguide laser operating at 1023 nm. The propagation losses for this waveguide structure were measured ...