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    • Packaging 

      Бруй, Т. В.; Кажемская, Л. Л.; Титова, И. Н. (БНТУ, 2010)
      Цель пособия – подготовить студентов к самостоятельной работе над научно-технической литературой по специальности 1-36 20 02 «Упаковочное производство». Источником текстового материала послужила оригинальная англоязычная литература. Упражнения способствуют развитию и совершенствованию навыков и умений чтения и перевода аутентичной литературы.
    • Parallel iprialist competitive algorithm: a method for global optimization 

      Alavi, Seyed Enayatallah; Naderan-Tahan, Marjan; Aminian, Mohamad (БНТУ, 2014)
      A novel parallel imperialist competitive algorithm (PICA) is presented for global optimization. The ICA is a new meta-heuristic optimization developed based on a socio-politically motivated strategy and contains two main steps: the movement of the colonies and the imperialistic competition. Here different parallel approach is utilized to improve the movement step of the algorithm. ...
    • Parallel Processor for Pattern Recognition 

      Tatur, Мichail (BNTU, 2013)
      Tatur, Мichail. Parallel Processor for Pattern Recognition / Мichail Tatur // Наука. Инновации. Производство = Science. Innovation. Production : сборник материалов 2-го Белорусско-Корейского форума, 19-20 ноября 2013. – Minsk : BNTU, 2013. – С. 75-76.
    • Parametric amplification of the signals in the electrostatic graviinertial sensor 

      Gilavdary, I.; Mekid, S.; Riznookaya, N. (БНТУ, 2017)
      The challenges of designing simple, reliable, and high sensitivity graviinertial sensors are investigated. The sensor comprises a proof mass (PM) and is fixed with the housing by the elastic torsion suspension. PM makes small rotations under the action of gravitational forces or inertial forces. The distinctive features of the sensor are that the differential electrostatic system ...
    • Parthenon faсade fea simulation as system of freely piled solids joined by gravity and friction 

      Dounar , S.; Iakimovitch, A.; Mishchanka, K.; Penkina, A.; Lavrenov, E.; Jakubowski, A. (БНТУ, 2019)
      Paper concerns to contact task simulation by FEA for “freely piled solids” systems. It may be different dry masonries. The antique façade of the Parthenon temple is taken for simulation as an example. Marble drums and blocks are held together only by friction and gravity. Multiplicity and variability of contact pressure patterns inside columns are disclosed. Surface compression ...
    • Partial bank reservation and its consequences 

      Качанович, В. В. (БНТУ, 2019)
      Today, commercial banks are trying to maximize profits by all sorts of sophisticated methods. One of these ways, known to usurers centuries ago, is partial reservation. This article deals with the mechanisms of operation of this method, as well as the reasons why, by resorting to this kind of methods, banks risk becoming vulnerable in critical situations.
    • Particular qualities of movement of goods in international mail 

      Маринич, А. А. (БНТУ, 2020)
      Маринич, А. А. Particular qualities of movement of goods in international mail = Особенности перемещения товаров в международных почтовых отправлениях / А. А. Маринич ; науч. рук. Н. С. Мойсеёнок // НИРС-76 [Электронный ресурс] : материалы научно-практической конференции студентов и курсантов, Минск, 23 апреля 2020 г. / Белорусский национальный технический университет ; редкол.: ...
    • Passive mode locking of 2.09 μm Cr,Tm,Ho:Y3Sc2Al3O12laser using PbS quantum-dot-doped glass 

      Denisov, I. A.; Skoptsov, N. A.; Gaponenko, M. S.; Malyarevich, A. M.; Yumashev, K. V.; Lipovskii, A. A. (Optical Society of America, 2009-11-01)
      Passive Q-switched mode locking of a 2.09 μm flashlamp-pumped Cr3+,Tm3+,Ho3+:Y3Sc2Al3O12 laser by use of a phosphate glass doped with PbS quantum dots of 5 nm in radius was demonstrated. Mode-locked pulses of 290 ps in duration and up to 0.5 mJ in energy were registered.
    • Passive mode locking of a Tm,Ho:KY(WO4)2 laser around 2 μm 

      Lagatsky, A. A.; Fusari, F.; Calvez, S.; Gupta, J. A.; Kisel, V. E.; Kuleshov, N. V.; Brown, C. T. A.; Dawson, M. D.; Sibbett, W. (Optical Society of America, 2009-09-01)
      We report the first demonstration, to our knowledge, of passive mode locking in a Tm3+, Ho3+-codoped KY(WO4)2 laser operating in the 2000-2060 nm spectral region. An InGaAsSb-based quantum well semiconductor saturable absorber mirror is used for the initiation and stabilization of the ultrashort pulse generation. Pulses as short as 3.3 ps were generated at 2057 nm with average ...
    • Passive Q-switching of a Tm,Ho:KLu(WO4)2 microchip laser by a Cr:ZnS saturable absorber 

      Serres, Y. M.; Loiko, P. A.; Mateos, X.; Jambunathan, V.; Yasukevich, A. S.; Yumashev, K. V.; Petrov, V.; Griebner, U.; Aguilo, M.; Diaz, F. (Optical Society of America, 2016)
      A diode-pumped Tm;Ho:KLu WO42 microchip laser passively Q-switched with a Cr:ZnS saturable absorber generated an average output power of 131 mW at 2063.6 nm with a slope efficiency of 11% and a Q-switching conversion efficiency of 58%. The pulse characteristics were 14 ns∕9 μJ at a pulse repetition frequency of 14.5 kHz. With higher modulation depth of the saturable absorber, 9 ...
    • Passive Q-switching of Yb bulk lasers by a graphene saturable absorber 

      Loiko, P. A.; Serres, J. M.; Mateos, X.; Liu, G.; Zhang, H.; Yasukevich, A. S.; Yumashev, K. V.; Petrov, V.; Griebner, U.; Aguilo, M.; Diaz, F. (Springer, 2016)
      Compact Yb:KLu(WO4)2 and Yb:LuVO4 lasers diode-pumped at 978 nm are passively Q-switched by a single-layer graphene saturable absorber. The Yb:KLu(WO4)2 laser generated 165 ns/0.49 μJ pulses at 1030 nm with 170 mW average output power and 12 % slope efficiency. With the Yb:LuVO4 laser, 152 ns/0.83 μJ pulses were achieved. The output power reached 300 mW at 1024 nm, and the slope ...
    • A passively modelocked Cr4+: forsterite laser with electronically controlled output characteristics for novel imaging and manipulation systems 

      Zolotovskaya, S. A.; Wilcox, K. G.; Abdolvand, A.; Livshits, D. A.; Rafailov, E. U. (БНТУ, 2011)
      Applicability of electronic control of laser output parameters to bulk solid-state laser sources is demonstrated. A single laser source with variable pulse duration for novel imaging and manipulation systems is presented. Stable passive mode-locking of a Cr4+:forsterite laser using a voltage controlled p-n junction quantum dot saturable absorber was achieved. Output shortening ...
    • Passively Q-switched Er,Yb:GdAl3(BO3)4 laser with SWCNT as a saturable absorber 

      Barashkova, M.; Gorbachenya, K.; Yasukevich, A.; Kisel, V.; Kuleshov, N.; Leonyuk, N.; Choi, S.; Rotermund, F.; Khomenko, S. (БНТУ, 2016)
      Passively Q-switched Er,Yb:GdAl3(BO3)4 laser with SWCNT as a saturable absorber / M. Barashkova [et al.] // Сборник материалов 72-й студенческой научно-технической конференции, 20-28 апреля 2016 г. / Белорусский национальный технический университет, Факультет горного дела и инженерной экологии. Секция Английский язык. - Минск, 2016. – С. 382-386.
    • Passively Q-Switched Thulium Microchip Laser 

      Gaponenko, M.; Kuleshov, N.; Südmeyer, T. (2016)
      We present the first passively Q-switched thulium microchip laser. The diode-pumped laser incorporates a Tm:KYW gain medium and an InGaAs semiconductor saturable absorber mirror. The laser emits pulses with a duration of 2.4 ns at a repetition rate of 1.2 MHz with an average output power of 130 mW at a wavelength of 1905 nm. It operates in a fundamental TEM00 mode with M2 < 1.1. ...
    • Pathogenicity of beauveria bassiana against locusta migratoria manilensis 

      Meyen, Haifeng Wu (БНТУ, 2020)
      Locusta migratoria manilensis (Meyen) is one of lawn pests, feeding a variety of grasses.Locusts nibble grass blades on the lawn great harm,leading to deterioration of the ecological environment,affecting people's appreciation entertainment.Therefore, prevention is important for landscape ecological protection lawn locusta.The traditional chemical control of environmental ...
    • Pathways for photoinduced electron transfer in meso-nitro-phenyl-octaethylporphyrins and their chemical dimers 

      Knyukshto, V.; Zenkevich, E.; Sagun, E.; Shulga, A.; Bachilo, S. (1999)
      The photophysical properties of meso-nitro-phenyl-octaethylporphyrins and their dimers with electron-accepting NO₂ groups in the para-, meta- and ortho-positions of the phenyl ring were studied. For the ortho-NO₂ case in deaerated toluene at 295 K, strong fluorescence quenching is caused by the intramolecular electron transfer from the porphyrin S₁ state in the absence of phenyl ...
    • Pattern Recognition System 

      Fenyes, L. M. (БНТУ, 2005)
      Fenyes, L. M. Pattern Recognition System / L. M. Fenyes // Литье и металлургия. - 2005. – № 2 (34), [ч.2]. - С. 182 - 183.
    • Paзрешение педагогических конфликтов 

      Грицук, М. В.; Лобач, И. И. (БНТУ, 2016)
      Грицук, М. В. Paзрешение педагогических конфликтов / М. В. Грицук, И. И. Лобач // Инженерно-педагогическое образование в XXI веке : материалы XII Республиканской научно-практической конференции молодых ученых и студентов БНТУ (72-й студенческой научно-технической конференции БНТУ), Минск, 19–20 мая 2016 г.: в 2 ч. / Белорусский национальный технический университет ; редкол.: С. ...
    • Peculiarities of application of devices and systems for visual inspection at industrial sites 

      Markov, A. P. (2011)
      Markov, A. P. Peculiarities of application of devices and systems for visual inspection at industrial sites / A. P. Markov // Белорусская инновационная неделя. Форум «Беларусь — Иран». Научно-практический семинар «Состояние и перспективы совместных белорусско-иранских исследований в области био- и нанотехнологий, электроники и озеленения». – 2011.
    • Peculiarities of application of devices and systems for visual inspection at industrial sites 

      Markov, A. P. (2011)
      Markov, A. P. Peculiarities of application of devices and systems for visual inspection at industrial sites / A. P. Markov // Белорусская инновационная неделя. Форум «Беларусь — Венесуэла». Научно-практический семинар «Перспективы совместных белорусско-венесуэльских исследований в области производства лекарственных аппаратов, лазерных технологий в медицине, фотодинамической терапии ...